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Jun 30, 2023
ROIads aims to maximize advertisers’ and affiliates’ return on investment (ROI). By continuously growing its subscriber and user base, the company ensures a steady stream of fresh and engaged prospects for advertisers to connect with. The ROIads is set to expand its offerings in the near future to include in-page and pop formats.

ROIads Overview

ROIads operates in many countries, providing a global platform for advertisers to target specific regions or expand their reach worldwide.

ROIads at a glance:

  • Reach: 600 million+ impressions monthly
  • GEO: 150 countries
  • 2 ad formats: Push and Pop Ads
  • Market Segment: Advertisers and affiliate marketers
In terms of its approach, ROIads sets itself apart as an ROI-focused advertising network. The company prioritizes delivering exceptional results for advertisers, aiming to maximize their return on investment.

ROIads Traffic

Using only premium sources, ROIads has an entirely proprietary traffic ecosystem. In particular, the platform offers segmentation based on subscription freshness, enabling advertisers to target campaigns specifically at fresh users, who tend to yield higher conversion rates.

Regarding platform distribution, mobile traffic surpasses desktop traffic:
  • The top countries for mobile traffic include India, the USA, UK, France,
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