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If others tell you that push notification ads are declining, don't go believing them!

In fact, new push ads-focused ad networks are still opening up.

One good example is ROIads, a vibrant and fresh advertising network that launched its operations in the early months of 2023.

For affiliates seeking expert assistance in managing their campaigns, ROIads' full management services offer an invaluable resource. The platform provides a dedicated account manager for each advertiser, ensuring that personalized attention is given to every campaign.

Your account manager will guide you every step of the way, from campaign setup to tracking implementation. They can provide valuable insights on profitable verticals, help create compelling creatives, share traffic insights, and recommend GEOs based on the offer you are promoting.


Unique Publisher Database​

Advertisers need not fret over rehashed and reused subscribers. ROIads takes great pride in its database of publishers who work solely with its platform. It is focused on providing a fresh and engaged audience for your campaigns.

Boasting a traffic volume that surpasses 600 million impressions monthly, ROIads demonstrates its ability to provide a consistent flow of quality traffic sourced from its exclusive publisher relationships.

Its traffic reaches more than 150 countries worldwide.

Top Verticals​

ROIads offers diverse opportunities for success, with top converting verticals that include VPN services for online privacy, Software and Utilities, Financial services, Nutra (health and wellness products), Sweepstakes, and Online Games.


Fast Campaign Moderation​

In the dynamic world of digital advertising, speed is of the essence. ROIads' fast campaign moderation feature ensures that affiliates don't have to wait long to see their campaigns go live. In fact, campaigns typically pass moderation in a mere 10 to 15 minutes during business days.

Advanced Targeting Options​

ROIads' targeting capabilities are on par with the best in the industry, providing users with an efficient way to reach their desired audience. The platform offers targeting options that are in line with those provided by leading advertising networks.

This includes options to target based on specifics like location, device, browser, language, and more, ensuring that your ads are delivered to the most relevant audience.

Whitelist and blacklist options are also made available. With a whitelist, you can dictate where your ads are shown by specifying approved websites, focusing on the sites that work best for your campaigns.

Conversely, a blacklist allows you to exclude certain websites, preventing your ads from appearing on platforms that have been shown to be unprofitable or unsuitable for your offer.

To add to its robust list of features, ROIads goes a step further by providing microbidding. With it, you can create unique bids for specific traffic segments, which can be based on publisher, location, device, and more.

ROIads Bids, Budget, and Funding​

The platform allows advertisers to set a minimum daily budget of $5. However, for optimal results and better reach, ROIads recommends a daily budget of $25. If you set a budget lower than $25, expect the campaign to overspend. The lowest possible bid per click is $0.003.

When it comes to adding funds, you can start with at least $250. ROIads uses Stripe to process payments, so you can use credit or debit cards, bank transfers, wire transfers, and Capitalist.

To get a bonus on your first deposit, visit ROIads' official thread to get the coupon code.

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