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Case Study Launching a dating banner ads campaign for the NLD



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May 6, 2021

Our partner decided to share their success story. We publish it with a reminder that we are grateful to all our partners who share their achievements with AdsEmpire. This motivates us a lot and also educates newcomers to the industry. And the best part is, we are ready to reward everyone who sends us their case studies with some sweet perks!


Gonna share with you how successful I was in driving banner traffic to one of the top GEOs – the Netherlands.

• Affiliate Network:
• Source: Traffic Junky
• Offer: FlirterigeDates
• Costs: $2,551.20
• Revenue: $3,571.20
• Profit: $1,020
• ROI: 40%

It's no secret that the banner ad format in dating is already quite hackneyed. And yet, it still remains one of the most popular there. The volume of dating traffic is huge, which leads to strong competition, high bids, and higher registration costs. But that’s no reason not to test your skills and gain excellent experience that will come in handy in the future.

So sit back, we're about to start.

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