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How Many CPA Networks You're Working With & Why?



Super Contributor
Mar 1, 2021
Hello guys,

I'm carious to know how many CPA networks you're working with and why?

In my opinion, in general there are two ways to promote CPA offers:

1- Take an offer from one CPA network and promote it in multiple traffic sources to find the suitable traffic for that offer.

2- Take several offers from multiple networks and promote it in one traffic source to find which offer(s) work well for that specific traffic source.

In the case #1, you'll work with a few CPA network and your main goal is finding suitable traffic source for your offer and in the case #2, you're working with a wide range of CPA networks but you focus on only one (or a few) traffic sources to find out the perfect match offers for those traffic source(s).

What group you're belonging to and why? (1, 2 or mix of them)


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