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BUT, how can I be 100% certain whether...



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Oct 15, 2019
1,484 test any specific offer? run any specific traffic? bid any specific price? target any specific os/browser/carrier? use any specific landing page? optimize a campaign with any specific ROI? scale a campaign with any specific metrics?


How can I really know FOR SURE?!

(And if you say I can't know for sure, how can I know for sure that you're right?!)

If you're asking yourself (or anyone else) these questions, then you haven't come to grips with one of the fundamentals of this business = uncertainty.

Call what we do whatever you want - affiliate marketing, media buying, CPA, paid traffic - it doesn't matter. This 'game' we're all striving to 'win' doesn't have many 'rules' that can be applied in every situation, or every campaign, or every traffic source, or every ANYTHING.

It's not like cooking a bowl of pasta. You can't just 'boil in water for 5 minutes' and get the result you want every time. You can't break it down to one standard recipe that always works the way you want it to work without fail (even a recipe for cooking pasta isn't guaranteed to work in literally
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