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Guide ApproachX - Dating Landing Page



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May 2, 2018
In know Luke is running a lot of ApproachX offers, and he once asked if someone can rip one of their dating landing pages from this URL:


The landing page looks something like this:


I guess he thought this one was hard to rip… OK - challenge accepted 🙂

So here it is - a bit modified (cleaned) LP with alternative images.


And the page looks like this (I’ve replaced the images so they are safe for work):


Edit index.html and replace #YOUR_CTA_URL with your tracker CLICK URL.

If you want to change the chat text you’ll need to edit English.js file, this line:

const msgsPvt=['hi','it\'s me','{init-pop}','{request}','this is  me.','{img}','💋'];

And also script_chat.js, this line:

newArr = ["are you still  here?", "I'm waiting for you on  my site, write to my chat  there", "{sim-request}"];

And if you want to replace the images, just overwrite avatar.jpg, img_2.jpg and img_3.jpg.

Keep in mind that his LP uses Local Storage to save the chat history. So the next time you open the LP URL, you won’t see the chat from the start. If you want to - just delete the Local Storage object called “tsMain”.


  • approachx_lp.zip
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