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So I invested in the Anstrex spy tool - very impressive amount of data and presentation. One thing is clear, there's a ton of Push networks out there and I assume a lot of middle-manning going on (reselling of traffic at a markup). Is there a shortlist of the top 3 networks as far as traffic quality and reach? One network on my radar is RTX Platform I've done a decent amount of volume with them in the past using their pops and intext traffic. I've seen a couple of follow-along videos suggesting their Push traffic is decent enough. I figured I would start there but wanted to get some input first.


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So a general question about spy tool data. If I see an offer that looks to be running well on one network (say creatives running over a month), but I don't see that offer running on another network... how should I take that? In other words, can a good ad and offer be taken to any network and tried... or is it best to only run offers where I already see them running? I can see both sides here - but as there as so many Push networks out there perhaps I should not assume that an offer will not work on another network just because I don't already see it there. Hopefully, the question makes sense.
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If you don't see it on an ad network it could still work there. Depends. Sometimes the creatives that have been running for a long time are burned out, but again, depends.