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Adsterra Promo Codes (June 2024)



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Apr 17, 2018
I have more Adsterra promo codes to give way this month (and anyone can request one) :) 👇


For new advertisers (created account ON/AFTER June 11th):​

$50 for $100 deposit (8 codes remaining)
$150 for $400 deposit (5 codes remaining)

👉 Sign up as an advertiser!

For existing advertisers:​

$100 for $500 deposit (9 codes remaining)
$250 for $1000 deposit (0 codes remaining)

Reply with "new" or "existing" and how much of a bonus you want from above and I'll PM you your code :)

For example, you could reply:

Existing $100 for $500 deposit
New $50 for $100 deposit


  • Each member can only request 1 promo code.
  • Don't request a promo code from multiple accounts (otherwise you will not be able to use it). You cannot ask another member to give you a code.
  • If you don’t plan to deposit before the end of the month, please don’t request it (let other users get a chance to request it).
Thanks again to @Adsterra for the codes! ❤️🚀👍

Oh, and if you have a minute, please review
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