A New Era Of Accounting In Affiliate Marketing. Pepper CRM Overview



May 10, 2023
Our industry is rapidly evolving, and our operations are becoming more like those of a real business rather than just a quick way to make money online. Like any traditional organization, accounting and transparency of work are extremely important for affiliate marketing teams.

In this review, we will discuss about Pepper CRM, the first accounting service created for affiliates and affiliate teams working with Facebook ads. This service allows you to easily and efficiently track expenses, incomes, and even ad spend in ad accounts, and conveniently store and manage them in Excel tables.

Note: Functionality for other traffic sources will be added in the future.

How Pepper CRM can assist you as an affiliate​

Pepper CRM helps affiliates to solve 3 kinds of problems:
  1. Expense tracking across all categories, including accounts, proxies, traffic, cards, salaries, office expenses, etc. Expenses can be easily transferred to the desired media buyer with just 2 clicks.
  2. Automatic revenue tracking through integration with Keitaro. Income is automatically tracked and assigned to the appropriate media buyer.
  3. Creation of a database of consumables, tools, or materials that allows users to keep track of the number of ad accounts


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