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5 Beginner Success Tips For 2024



Mar 1, 2023
Hey guys I wanted to share 5 tips for 2024 that I found. If you have any to please post them below so everyone can have access to them!

Tip 1. Advanced Page Language Switcher

You can easily check multi geos offers to see if the offer page automatically translates into different languages properly using a free Chrome plugin called Advanced Page Language Switcher". This tool can easily change a pages language with a few clicks.


Demonstration video:

Link: Get it free here

Tip 2. Lateral Publisher Scaling

When you have a profitable campaign for a multi geo campaign and notice a few publishers/zones are performing very well you can isolate these publishers and add additional geos to help scale your campaigns further. I've found good publishers most the time will work with other geos, but this will vary per offer and will needs to be tested.


3. Multi Variable Clusters

The biggest thing that made low campaigns profitable for me was focusing on the right metrics.

What I've learned from a marketing data analyst program was to test and combine the metrics
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