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May 2, 2018
If your landing page gets flagged very often, you might consider changing the copy on your landing page. But - there is also one other thing you could do, that could help you avoid getting your pages flagged so often.

Web crawlers (like Google) check your pages often, and if they see some aggressive copy there (or people report your page) your landing page can get flagged.

Most trackers offer landing page protection scripts that disable direct access to your landing page. So your landing page is only accessible via campaign URL. And when visitors go to your landing page via campaign URL, you have some options in your tracker where you can block certain visitors from getting to your landing page (or you can redirect them to safe page, fallback URL etc.)

So this is the basic idea:
  • Put a landing page protection script in your landing page that will prevent everyone to access your LP by opening a direct URL (like
  • Your landing page will only be accessible using the correct tokens in URL (like
  • And even with this token in URL, your landing page will only be accessible for a certain


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