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    Clash of Trackers

    👏👏👏 You got an A on this. I don't know why we didn't think of this ourselves. I'll lock it in case there are more videos coming in the future. Well, that was the plan. I'm glad you liked it. 🤷‍♀️ Karolina
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    Clash of Trackers

    As you know, we recently launched Automizer - our brand new set of automation features based on traffic source integrations and auto-rules (you can read more about it here: Now it’s time to compare our tool to what our competitors...
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    Follow Along ZP + Desktop traffic + Streaming offers

    Right now you can set up "mark" and "send alert" actions in the rules. We're adding pause/resume soon. Karolina
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    Follow Along ZP + Desktop traffic + Streaming offers

    It's not yet but it will be until the end of next week. Right now, marking them with a different emoji is a good idea. This way you will have an instant view into what to cut without getting confused. Karolina
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    Voluum Redirectless Redirect

    You can also read about it here: A campaign with the new redirectless option enabled is future-proof when it comes to browser vendors that are introducing tracking restrictions - it doesn't use cookies and it doesn't use redirects either. It works...
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    Official - The ultimate affiliate tracking solution

    This is a month of the biggest contest ever here on affLIFT 🚀 @Luke has partnered with @Zeropark and they're giving away $3,500 in cash prizes. Because there's no better duo than Voluum and...
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    Why email traffic? Voluum DSP talks to Liveintent

    Hey, the latest global stats for Liveintent in-app show that the top-spending verticals are: health and beauty, food and drink, ecom, survey, hobby and also some trading campaigns.
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    Follow Along Through thorns to push notifications

    Thanks for the feedback @LamoSS. I agree with what you said about Automizer - we're working on making it more self-explanatory now. You can find more info here: Karolina
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    Follow Along ItsJay24: [ZeroPark X Afflift Contest] Newbie Follow Along!

    I love it. How do you like Voluum so far? Karolina
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    profitsocial and voluum postback

    &data2={clickid} not &data2={click} And postback?cid={hit.data2}&payout={event.s1} in the postback URL looks correct. Karolina
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    Guide Advertising on Tumblr: Voluum DSP Guide for Marketers

    Everyone knows Tumblr, right? And now you can serve your native ads there with VoluumDSP! We have 19 million impressions daily in the U.S. To make sure you’re successful on Tumblr, we’re offering a sneak peek at this new exciting traffic source and a quick guide for DSP Marketers! How and what...
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    Follow Along Through thorns to push notifications

    The most important thing is for you to figure out what is wrong and fix it. Our support will be able to help when you share the screenshots.
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    Why email traffic? Voluum DSP talks to Liveintent

    Guys, for those of you who’re targeting Liveintent email traffic note that we just added in-app traffic to the mix. Just to name a few apps: Groupon, Trivia, People News Daily, Breaking News Alerts, Taste of Home, Daily Finds and more! Hence my tip: if you optimize using Site Content...
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    Follow Along Through thorns to push notifications

    You can paste your links here and I'll check if they're correct. You can also send me a DM. Karolina