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Recent content by noviclick

  1. noviclick

    Advice on this campaign, should I stop it?

    Yes I don't think you need to spend that much. First optimize everything. Or you will come to the conclusion that its not working.
  2. noviclick

    Advice on this campaign, should I stop it?

    I would first check your current flow. Creative + Prelander + Offer If that's all optimal and you can't make any improvements there. I would check how you are running that campaign? Split test devices and maybe Carrier/Wifi. There are many options to get this campaign in green.. I wrote a...
  3. noviclick

    Overall best quality push platforms?

    If you need any help for starting your push campaign at Noviclick. Add me on skype: jaerts92
  4. noviclick

    Looking to test new push traffic sources

    Thanks @Luke! @NeverGiveUp_ you can add me on skype if you need any help or advice: jaerts92
  5. noviclick

    Guide First Impression of Noviclick

    Yes that is possible! Please check the screenshot.
  6. noviclick

    Guide First Impression of Noviclick

    Thanks a lot @Luke for this post. We are happy to help you all with building profitable campaigns!
  7. noviclick

    Guide Simple Trick To Increase CTR and CR

    Nice post @varunkeskar We have some tips about how to write powerfull headlines: https://www.noviclick.com/the-9-most-important-tips-on-how-to-write-powerful-headlines/
  8. noviclick

    Official Noviclick - Worldwide Pop, Push and Inpage Push Traffic | Official Thread

    Hey guys, Here you can find our Top Push GEOS. It's getting more and more populair so don't wait too long and start some campaigns at Noviclick.
  9. noviclick

    Official Noviclick - Worldwide Pop, Push and Inpage Push Traffic | Official Thread

    Hey guys, We updated our platform with the following updates: 1. Smart CPA campaigns Smart CPA is a smart bidding strategy from Noviclick that will help you to get as many conversions as possible at or below the target cost-per-action (CPA) you set. This means non-profitable sites will...
  10. Noviclick Push

    Noviclick Push

    Noviclick is a global advertising network that specializes in push notification ads. These ads allow you to reach your audience with personalized messages at any time and place through their phones—even while they're browsing social media or playing games. But what really sets noviclick apart from other advertising platforms? Let's find out. Noviclick Push Ads Features and Benefits The network prides itself in delivering more than one billion ad impressions per day, coming from several ad formats in its arsenal. These push ad formats include: Classic Push Ads Using classic push notifications, you can send messages to your customers on Windows, Mac, and Android. These will pop up right away, even if the user is not currently using the app! Even if the user's settings are on quiet mode and the message does not appear as a pop-up alert, the ad will remain on the notifications list until the user sees them and either dismisses it or clicks on it. This ensures 100% human...
  11. noviclick

    Bidding a low CPM can kill you

    I get you! You're right in that. We at Noviclick are showing you the suspicious visits and also refunding you for those visits. We try to sell the best quality only. So for every site id you see the percentage of suspicious visits.
  12. noviclick

    Golden Goose Follow Along 🤑🚀 - Can We Make Some Profits with Mobile Content Offers?

    Interesting thread! Keep up the good work. I'm curious how fast you can get your campaign in green with Noviclick. If you want to try.. Im here to help building a profitable campaign. My skype: jaerts92
  13. noviclick

    Bidding a low CPM can kill you

    Bid does matter! When people are running whitelists with the best placements and bid 2 times higher than you.. You don't get traffic or not that much so it's possible you don't find out that placement.
  14. noviclick

    Propeller Ads dropping traffic and quality after 2 days.

    Hey Sid, you can add a clean lander or website on your domain and add it to google search console. Let Google check your website again and after that your website is clean and unflagged. Or just buy a new domain haha.