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Recent content by nitin

  1. nitin

    Download landing pages

  2. nitin

    Are you a book worm? How does books helped me to become more creative copywriter

    I like reading - read all the time I am free - prefer it over netflix.
  3. nitin

    Affiliate Marketing Accounting: What's Your Actual ROI?

    If you are from india and paying to a traffic source abroad, you are also required to pay 6% ad levy tax which is tax on adspend on foreign traffic sources.
  4. nitin

    Affiliate Marketing Accounting: What's Your Actual ROI?

    Yes correct. Can't store money in transferwise like a bank account.
  5. nitin

    Affiliate Marketing Accounting: What's Your Actual ROI?

    You can get Gst as input credit. So gst is not actually an expense. And yes you are correct. Don't use paypal. Use payoneer, it is wayy better.
  6. nitin

    affiliate marketing IS NOT dead 💪

    Affiliate marketing will never die since as a business model it is profitable for all: 👉 Traffic source 👉 Affiliate 👉 Advertizer That being said, the compliances are increasing and it is definitely moving towards more legit stuff. Also, value of relationships is a lot more important now than...
  7. nitin

    Malicious Code in Ripped Lander

    Yup, you can approach us https://thelanders.club
  8. nitin

    8,600,000 impressions on twitter for free...here's what I'm doing

    Wow! Following this thread since I have also been building a twitter account since some time (make money niche though). Here are my stats (very low in comparison since I started it very recently). @Luke curious to know what strategies do you use to grow your account? :) (assuming you start...
  9. nitin

    advertorials and content pages-providers

    Thanks :)
  10. nitin

    advertorials and content pages-providers

    Yup, you can connect with us. https://thelanders.club Cleaned over 2000+ landers, We have many super-affiliates relying on our service (and loving it - since a lot of them are with us since over a year).
  11. nitin

    Looking for Exclusive Dating and Casino campaigns? 🔥

    Best network for mobile content offers!
  12. nitin

    Begging for Approval

    That being said, the other person should not worry about a post targeting him. Take this as a learning lesson and move on. A month from now, this post will be deep somewhere buried in the forum.
  13. nitin

    Begging for Approval

    Neediness is always repelling. Applies to everything from sales to business to dating.
  14. nitin

    Prelanders, Landers in Wordpress ?

    it is shit - very slow
  15. nitin

    New Community Leader: Akahma

    Congrats @akahma