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Then and now, there’s no denying that Adult category is a lucrative niche. Whatever traffic you may be using, if you know how to properly appeal to your audience, you would surely rake in profits. But if you don’t know how to attract people and push them to convert, what can you do? Simple; use an adult ad spy tool.

A spy tool will give you inspiration on the ad creatives and the landing pages that your competitors are using. Better yet, you can copy their ad techniques!

One such adult ad spy tool is Spyteg.


Spyteg Features

Search and Find

Find adult ads from more than 70 countries and six adult ad networks. Ads from the following ad networks are in the platform’s database:
You can search for ads based on the keywords in the ad text, the branding, the landing page text, publisher, and more. There are also three ad formats that you can search through, and these are native ads, banner ads, and video ads.

At the moment, Spyteg has accumulated more than 170 thousand ads and not less than 1,500 landing pages.

Elaborate Ad Statistics

To have a better grasp of a campaign’s performance, Spyteg also provides impression and click information. Users can see the realtime trend of the ads and filter them according to location, device, timeframe and more.

For each ad, you can see the following information:
  • total view count
  • last month’s view count
  • the number of days the ad has been running
  • the dates the ad has been running
  • the number of publishers promoting the same ad
  • detailed statistics in the form of graphs and diagrams.
Detailed Analysis

With the help of the stats that they collect, users are provided with a detailed analysis of the ads, based on what’s popular today, yesterday, last week and so on. You’ll be able to have a better look at the ad performance at whatever time frame you choose.

Download and Save Ads

If you find any ad that might work for your offer, you can easily copy them by downloading the ad text and landing pages. This can be done in one click.

You can also mark an ad as a “favorite” so it can be saved for future reference. Users can easily access their favorite ads on the dashboard.

Determine Winning Combinations

You don’t have to test which ad creative works best when coupled with a specific landing page. Spyteg does it for you by providing you the winning combinations for a specific offer or brand.

Spyteg Plans and Pricing

Currently, Spyteg only has two plan levels, and these are called Tariff Professional and Tariff Corporate. The first one is priced at $75 per month, while the latter is priced at $149 per month. Both plans offer the following:
  • Data from different traffic types (Banner, Video and Native Ads)
  • Advanced Search Options
  • Analyze Ads from multiple networks
  • Track competitors
  • One-click ad download
The only difference between the two plans is the number of simultaneous sessions. The Professional plan allows up to two concurrent sessions, while the Corporate Plan allows up to six people logged in and using the account at the same time.

🚀 Want to learn more? Check out the official Spyteg thread!

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