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Mondiad Native

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Mondiad Native
Native ads' popularity has steadily increased ever since it was made available. Even when new ad formats are being introduced, advertisers still turn to native ads due to the high quality of traffic and heightened level of user interest.

One new native ads platform you should try is Mondiad.

The company, founded by the team behind Popcash, was launched in 2019 with headquarters in Gibraltar. It focuses on push notifications and native ads.

Mondiad's Best Features​

This ad platform offers a range of advanced targeting options to help you reach your perfect audience. You can target by:
  • location
  • carrier type
  • device type
  • browser type and language
  • operating system
  • traffic type (adult or mainstream)
You can also blacklist or whitelist specific zone IDs (publisher ID) or subIDs once you have enough data.

Precise Traffic Inventory​

To carefully estimate how much traffic you will likely get based on your target settings, you can visit Mondiad's Traffic Inventory inside the dashboard. You can filter the results based on country, device type, operating system, browser, traffic type, ad type, or a combination of all these.

You can then view the breakdown of traffic based on OS, browser, country, or carrier. You'll be presented with the number of impressions, clicks, average CPM, and average CPC based on your filters. Use this information when setting your bid for maximum effect.


Easy Integration with 3rd Party Trackers​

If you're using a 3rd party tracker, Mondiad makes it easy to integrate with your existing setup. Integrated trackers include:
  • Bemob
  • RedTrack
  • Binom
  • CPVLab Pro
  • PeerClick
  • AdsBridge
  • Voluum
  • FunnelFlux
  • Keitaro
It's also possible to link a different tracker if none of these fall under what you use. All you need to do is to set up the Postback URL inside your tracker's interface, and Mondiad will handle the rest.

Built-In Event Tracker​

Mondiad's event tracker is a valuable tool for measuring the performance of your native ad campaigns based on how users interact with your landing page. It lets you track the number of views, viewability rate (compared to clicks), actions, and action rate (compared to clicks) for each campaign.

Auto-Optimization Using Rules​

To save time on optimizing your campaigns, Mondiad offers auto-optimization using rules. You can set these up to automatically optimize your bids or pause them (SubID, ZoneID, Creative, Campaign) based on certain conditions.

Up to 10 Creatives per Campaign
You can upload up to 10 different creatives per campaign. This is useful for A/B testing to see which ad performs the best.

Intuitive User Interface​

Mondiad's intuitive user interface is one of the things that sets it apart. The site is designed to be easy to use, with a clear and concise layout that makes it simple to find what you're looking for. Navigation is straightforward, making it effortless for advertisers to start creating and managing native ad campaigns.

Mondiad Payment Options​

When it comes to native ads, Mondiad uses two pricing models: CPM and CPC, with the lowest bid at $0.001. The minimum deposit to get started is $50. Funding can be done via Paypal, Paxum, Capitalist, Payoneer, Cryptocurrency, and bank cards.

Mondiad frequently provides first-time deposit bonuses here in affLIFT. Check their official thread for information.

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