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Mobidea - Ratings

  • Link owner Mobidea
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  • Pablo T
  • 4.00 star(s)
Mobidea has a lot of different offers and some smartlinks. It has some new reports for your campaigns that I really don't like. I preferred the opportunities report it had before. However, there is a cool free tracker. Payments start low at $50, so that's great for your cash flow. The support team and AMs are also very good.
A very beginner friendly CPA network that you can join if you’re at the beginning of your affiliate marketing journey. The great thing for beginners is that the minimum payout is only 50 Euro and it offers daily payment! Also the account approval process is instant so you won’t have to kill the time. You may start earning right after creating account your account!
One of the greatest companies in this field and a weekly withdrawal is never late
I have great experiences with them
Reliable and trustworthy network for many years now. Always trying to get your issues solved, and never missed a payment.
Hi, can you help me approve the offers Directory that i have applied,but it show me need 2 weeks make a desicon.
  • samb19
  • 5.00 star(s)
Nice Network, Very helpful data for anyone to use and make money. I have started making money in a big way from Mobidea. So I will recommend freshers to use this network.
Well-known network focused on mobile offers and mobile content, although you can find a lot of other stuff there as well.
They offer a tracking system for beginners (not recommended though) and have a great blog with tons of info.
Mobidea is one of my first network which I signed up for and I am still using it. They have offers for various vertical and they are newbie friendly. What I like most is their opportunities section which helps to find best offer to start with. And yes, I like the sound of conversion on the platform as well.

Good offers
Newbie friendly
Opportunities to find best offers
Smartlink for MS & Adult

I don't think any
  • Jimmy
  • 3.00 star(s)
I've been running offers from Mobidea for a while and I was a bit conflicted about the rating I left. I wanted to give a 4-star rating because Mobidea has a lot of great features and their Academy is excellent, but in the end, I've honestly spent a lot of time on Mobidea struggling with confusion. In particular, I find it pretty hard to navigate and understand the data they have on opportunities - sometimes one dashboard indicates an offer is a good opportunity, but then when you get into the data on the actual offer, it seems to have terrible data. This isn't always the case, but it has been frustrating for me, so I thought I'd just give them a slight dip in my rating. The smartlinks are also pretty good and worth running a test.
Mobidea has a great range of offers and I especially like the Opportunities feature which lets you know which countries, operators and offers are doing well. I generally get approved quickly and payments are made weekly with a minimum of $200.
  • Luke
  • 5.00 star(s)
I've always liked Mobidea because of the amazing content and training they provide through Moibdea Academy, but they're also a great affiliate network with a TON of awesome mobile content offers.

I love that I can request my payment at any time as well and they pay weekly 👍
One of my best CPA Network, The staff is so helpful specially for newbies, the payouts are not the best but still good for me and they offer sometimes bounuses specially for tier 1, what I don't like in Mobidea that most of offers there are not easy to see before sending traffic, because you can't use Proxy to reach to some of them. so it doesn't make sense to create a suitable creative for the funnel.
  • Morty
  • 5.00 star(s)
If you like making money, then you will love Mobidea as much as I do. They have weekly payouts & a $50 min threshold - what is there not to love?

They have a wide variety of offers & provide data about them when available - so you're never flying blind when advertising a Mobi offer.

On the downside, their chat support is OK & can be painful at times. Once I got assigned an AM - that all changed. Now I love working with them, & they have become one of my main gotos for offers. My AM is fantastic.

The other downside is that when offers are paused - I often do not get the email (not in my spam - not anywhere). My AM looked into & said emails went out - so this could be just me & my email box. My AM was very concerned about this & took this issue seriously. Luckily they have an easy to use API - so I just run a script to check offer status & it's actually much better that way. I'm still not sure what the issue w/ the emails is - but it could be an issue w/ my email provider - there's no way to tell.

I highly recommend Mobidea & that ask to be assigned to an AM as soon as you can. They make a big difference.
  • amazone
  • 4.00 star(s)
I am currently using Mobidea as my Affiliate networks. They have many offers and really transparant with the flows, payout, and many more. What I love from Mobidea also, they provide academy, very newbie friendly, and focus on mobile offers which is on trending now. Will continue to use Mobidea, however there is 1 thing that I don't really appreciate is the respond of their support. It's sometimes takes long time for them to reply, and If I want to promote an offer, I need to submit the creatives, landing pages, etc to be reviewed by the advertisers and it takes a long time to get approve.
  • Shifu
  • 4.00 star(s)
Mobidea has to be one the best aff network out there. Its newbie friendly and their offer converts. I made my 1st ever $100 from them only. The support is also good (It has scope of improvement).

Overall I would recommend this network.
This was my very first affiliate network. All other network rejected my application but i was accepted in mobidea. This network is one my favorite affiliate network. fast approval, fast payment, instant offer approve and friendly customer service..
  • Neil
  • 5.00 star(s)
I joined Mobidea back when I started out on this roller coaster we call marketing and found their affiliate managers to be probably the most helpful and supportive I've ever had.

MY AM would check in with me most days to discuss what was hot and converting, suggest things to try and help out with setting up/optimising campaigns.

Their support has always been very quick to respond and overall they're very helpful for newbie's, definitely recommend them whether you are new to the ride or not.

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