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UPDATE: MagicAdz has shut down.

In the fast paced and competitive scene that is affiliate marketing, he who makes use of the most effective tools and techniques gain an edge. The world is fast evolving, and with it, how we conduct business. As technology makes our lives – and businesses – easier, there are bound to be more and more people who take interest in affiliate marketing.

If you want to stand out among others who are also using Facebook ads for promotion, then MagicAdz is the perfect tool for you.

Advantages Of Using MagicAdz

Explore A Huge Database
In the world of advertising, showing the right ad to your target market is one of the factors you need to take into consideration. New ads are being churned everyday by advertisers, while the older, stronger ads remain at the top of the list. This adds up to millions of ads. Employing the use of MagicAdz in your marketing helps you explore the huge database of Facebook ads that is collected everyday by the tool from 49 countries worldwide. This means that every single day, you get to have a unique collection to sort through and study in order to understand the current market.

Find Affiliate Ads With A Simple Click
Using their powerful custom AI, MagicAdz can detect and differentiate over 45 different signals to narrow down the ads. It detects affiliate ads, breaks down the cloakers, and eventually delivers the profitable landing page that you are looking for. With this tool, you are then able to process and analyze the data of the working campaigns and add it to your own arsenal!

MagicAdz acts is a true-blue Facebook spy. It is able to track down and analyze the target audience, their age, geography, and interests. With this, you can know the competitor’s battle plans and strategize ahead.

Download Landing Pages Quickly and Easily
Now that you have found the money page, what do you do with it? You either study it or copy it, of course! With MagicAdz, you are able to get a copy of the landing page you want to use with just a simple click.

Flexible Environment
Aside from all the technical aspects, MagicAdz also helps you business-wise. With its up-to-date interface, you can now connect to MagicAdz even through your mobile phone. You can use it when researching for affiliate campaigns while working 9 to 5, or even while traveling. MagicAdz can connect with you anywhere, making sure you can grow your business at any given place, at any given moment.

MagicAdz Pricing

All the features above and more can be at your disposal when you use MagicAdz. If you are keen on learning more about it, you’re in luck because they offer a $1 subscription for your first 7 days in the platform, giving you ample time to familiarize yourself with its various uses. Once those 7 days are over, you are then reverted back to their usual rates at $299 a month. They only accept Paypal for payments.

MagicAdz Promo Code

affLIFT members get an exclusive MagicAdz promo code of 15% off the monthly membership. So instead of $299, you’ll only be paying $254 every month.

MagicAdz is a bit strict when it comes to affiliates they accept. When you sign up, they would ask for contact information of your affiliate manager (from any affiliate network) and a link to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile for social verification.

Still, there are a number of advantages when you have MagicAdz Facebook spy tool in your shed. Both newcomers and established veterans in the affiliate marketing scene opt for MagicAdz when looking for ideas for Facebook promotions.

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My recommended spy tool for Facebook if you're running eComm or affiliate offers. Helps filter out the noise from the non-aff ads.

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