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A tracker is one of the most important tools an affiliate marketer should have. But there are dozens of trackers out there, how do you choose which one to use? Should you choose the cheapest one? Should you pick the one with the most features?

The answer is simple: you should subscribe to the one that matches your needs the most. One of your choices is LandingTrack.

LandingTrack Tracker and Optimizer

Add all Advertisers with API Integration
Make your life easier by simply connecting all your advertisers or affiliate networks into the platform. This way, there won't be any need for you to manually add offers one by one whenever you want to promote them.

You can add your networks manually or via API Integration.

Integrate all Traffic Sources
Similar to connecting the affiliate networks, you can also connect your traffic sources and DSPs. This way, you can set-up your campaigns and control everything from within LandingTrack. No need to use templates and incorporate pixels and tokens.

You can even start, stop, and optimize your campaigns within the platform by connecting them via API Integration.

ATS Optimization
LandingTrack claims to be the only tracking platform that allows you to optimize your campaigns automatically. All you need to do is create your campaigns, set-up the optimization rules, and let the technology do its job.

You can set-up a daily budget or a global budget to prevent overspending. If there are daily caps to the offer you are promoting, you can set your campaign to pause when you receive the number of leads or conversions allowed for you per day. It will then resume again the following day.

If you want to promote your own offers or your advertiser’s offers in one link, you can utilize LandingTrack’s Smartlink feature. You can designate the distribution rules so each offer in the link will only receive traffic that it is supposed to. You can use this link for your own campaigns or share it with your partners.

BOT Defender
Block automatically those bots sources with your rules. Making sure that no bots go through, LandingTrack uses their very own Bot Defender. Users will get minimal to no bots.

Real-Time Analytics
All the reports and analytics are reflected in real-time since there is no batch processing. This helps you make decisions immediately. This is also necessary for Optimization to work properly.

LandingTrack Pricing

LandingTrack has four pricing levels, and these are as follows:
  1. Starter - this plan includes 1 million clicks, two domains, and two users. It’s priced at $49, with a charge of $0.034 per additional thousand views. Native Partner such us MGID -Revcontent - Adskeeper - Taboola - Outbrain and Runative are not included.
  2. Professional - for 3 million clicks, four domains, and two users, you can subscribe to this tracker for $99 monthly. If 15 million clicks are not enough and you get more clicks, the fee is $0.03 for every thousand.
  3. Business - for 10 million clicks, four domains, and four users, you can subscribe to this tracker for $249 monthly. If 10 million clicks are not enough and you get more clicks, the fee is $0.02 for every thousand.
  4. Master - the highest plan level is worth $449 per month. This includes 30 million clicks, four users, and an unlimited number of domains.
All of these plans include https, customer support, and full API integration. If you want to make an informed decision, you can utilize their 15-day free trial before you jump the gun.

🚀 LandingTrack is a part of our affLIFT community so you can always message them (@Landingtrack) or post any questions on the official LandingTrack thread.

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  • Zedpal
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If you appreciate harmonic colors on your screen and well designed UI; @landingtrack is the ultimate pick . After being kept in the dark for months by another tracker nonexistent customer service , it was refreshing to receive not 1 but 2 support email answers in 20 minutes .

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