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I started using Google Ads in 2005. I'm using G Ads for my own campaigns and for my clients. A lot has changed since then. It has become more and more automatic. It can be difficult to control since it takes weeks to see the changes in the campaign.

If you have a high bill you have your own manager and you can talk by email or videocall. Anyway in many things you are flying alone.
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I love/hate Google Ads.

They have the scale & re-targeting(remarketing) breadth we all want.

But the interface is painful. Oh so very very painful.
If you have never used Google Ads before, be prepared & eat a big bowl of patience for breakfast.

Approval time is roughly 24 hours, but their standards are not enforced consistently. So build in a timeframe to appeal an ad denial (happens about 30% of time) if you have a campaign that must start on a specific date.

They also change their standards in regards to advertising events w alcohol, gambling (B & M not online casinos) & ticket sales. They will make you jump through hoops. Stuff like "Oh you got that ticket sale certification a few months ago? That's old, you need to reapply"

They also have quietly changed their remarketing audience rules & provide no real warning. For example, they stopped allowing remarketing for B&M gambling w/out warning - even though it had always been an exception.

Poof - overnight - your remarketing campaigns that were running are useless.
The advantages of Google Advertising are mainly 6 points:
1. Google can reach the world's most commercially valuable user group.
The Google search engine is used by high-end users and high-income people in various countries and regions around the world.
2. Google advertising covers a wide range and can help companies enter the international market.By placing Google ads, your ads will cover more than 200 countries and more than 40 languages around the world. Google ads are all online platforms that can be placed on Google and Google ’s global partners.
3. Google ads are fair, and humans cannot interfere with ad ranking.
Both Google's search results and Google's ad display results will be based on Google's algorithm. Humans cannot interfere with ad ranking, and any company has fair treatment.
4, Google advertising investment is small, the threshold is low, the ads are effective immediately.Google ads are billed on a per-click basis. If users do n’t click on the ads, they do n’t charge advertising fees, and advertisers can easily and flexibly set their own advertising budgets.
5. Compared with other traditional advertising, Google advertising has low cost and high return.Other traditional advertising has high costs and low returns, and Google does the opposite. Google advertising can minimize the cost of each inquiry.
6. Google ads can accurately target the target customers, so that they can be launched without any fuss.Google is the most commercially valuable search engine, so it can help advertisers bring high-value target customers, and the advertising area of Google ad drafts and the natural search results on the left are clearly distinguished, which can bring true accuracy Intended target customers.

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