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Google Ads

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Google Ads Comments Ratings

Google Ads
Google is not the most affiliate friendly company, but if you can get your affiliate marketing campaigns approved, you'll have access to a goldmine of search traffic from the worlds #1 search engine.

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  • Morty
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I love/hate Google Ads.

They have the scale & re-targeting(remarketing) breadth we all want.

But the interface is painful. Oh so very very painful.
If you have never used Google Ads before, be prepared & eat a big bowl of patience for breakfast.

Approval time is roughly 24 hours, but their standards are not enforced consistently. So build in a timeframe to appeal an ad denial (happens about 30% of time) if you have a campaign that must start on a specific date.

They also change their standards in regards to advertising events w alcohol, gambling (B & M not online casinos) & ticket sales. They will make you jump through hoops. Stuff like "Oh you got that ticket sale certification a few months ago? That's old, you need to reapply"

They also have quietly changed their remarketing audience rules & provide no real warning. For example, they stopped allowing remarketing for B&M gambling w/out warning - even though it had always been an exception.

Poof - overnight - your remarketing campaigns that were running are useless.

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