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EZmob - Ratings

Minimum Deposit
One Word: Standard. Nothing special from this Traffic source. No conversions, and traffics not too special.
No first time refund, a lot of bot traffic, no whitelists provided by owner.
No helpful managers. Terrible service
I was one of the members that received a free $10 to leave a review. I ran 3 camps with the money.

The first camp I ran the exact same offer, same time, same spend with popads as ezmob. Popads= 16 conversions. Ezmob =0

Second camp exact same as adcash. Ezmob = 0 conv. Adcash = 5

The final camp, I ran a generic smartlink targeting all countries and I finally got 3 conversions and a profit of $0.12. I ran with popads and got 10 conv.

Interface is easy to use for setting up camps. First 2 camps got approved quickly. Last one took much longer.

BUT I am very happy to EzMob for letting me try out their traffic. Thank you!
Have real and quality traffic. I tried push subscriber funnel and its converting pretty cool. Will do mote test.

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