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If you can’t get enough of push ads traffic, then BroPush is another ad network to try. Launched in 2021, the team behind BroPush developed an innovative platform designed specifically for push notification ads.

Its traffic caters to a plethora of niches, from Dating to Gambling to Mainstream markets. BroPush offers a unique approach to reaching audiences directly through exclusive traffic and robust technologies.

BroPush Key Features​

By partnering exclusively with direct publishers, BroPush brings you first-hand traffic. This not only guarantees authenticity and engagement but also presents a cost-effective strategy by eliminating intermediaries.

Advertisers can benefit from high-quality traffic that converts and increases the chances of an advertising campaign's success.


Stable Push Notification Traffic Volume​

Whatever niche you may be targeting, reliable traffic volume is a critical component in scaling your campaigns effectively. With an impressive average of one million clicks per day, BroPush ensures a steady flow of potential customers to your offers.

Its global footprint is truly expansive, boasting traffic that spans up to 200 countries and territories worldwide. This wide-reaching network provides advertisers with the unparalleled advantage of targeting a diverse audience, thus opening up opportunities for global campaign strategies and localized advertising efforts alike.

Transparency About Inventory​

Knowledge is power, and BroPush empowers advertisers with an up-to-date Volume (traffic inventory) Page. Before launching campaigns, advertisers can get insights into the previous day’s number of clicks segmented by country and device.

Additionally, the average Click Through Rate (CTR) per country and device are shown, giving advertisers additional insight on how their target market performs.

The Cost Per Click (CPC) is also displayed, again according to geolocation and device, so you can place appropriate bids to keep your campaign competitive.

Smart Bidder Tool​

Time is valuable, and the Smart Bidder is BroPush's answer to maximizing campaign optimization efforts. This tool saves advertisers significant time by automatically calibrating bids and managing traffic sources based on defined performance indicators.

With complete customization and limitless rules per campaign, it’s like having a virtual assistant ensuring your campaign targets are always met with precision.

VIP Conditions​

BroPush understands that high-volume advertisers require special considerations to maximize their advertising efforts effectively. As such, they are willing to provide individual terms to advertisers who expect to spend at least $300 per day within the platform.

This includes better rates, customized ads, and the possibility of additional advertising credits or deposit bonuses.

BroPush Deposit Options​

Starting your advertising venture with BroPush doesn't require a hefty investment. With a minimal deposit of just $50, you can experience the power of strategic push notification advertising.

Ease of use extends to account funding as well. BroPush accommodates a variety of replenishment options, from traditional systems like wire transfers to digital payments via USDT and Capitalist. Other options are currently being added.

This flexibility ensures that no matter where you are or what your preferred payment method is, you’re ready to launch and manage your campaigns without hassle.

If you'd like to get started with BroPush, we recommend visiting its official thread here first to learn more about the platform before diving headfirst.

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