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Adcash In-Page Push

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Adcash In-Page Push
Do you know what makes an effective advertisement? It's not just showing up at the right time or being seen by the right person, but it also has to be compelling enough that people want to click on it. And in this era when banner ad blindness is rampant, your ad must not look like one. That’s where Adcash can help you with their In-Page Push Notification ad format.

In-Page Push Notifications are one of Adcash’s most successful ad formats. Your ads will be served to the platform’s large inventory of over two million daily impressions with a worldwide reach.


Adcash In-Page Push​

Adcash gives you the tools needed for you to run a flawless in-page push campaign. These features have one purpose in mind and that is for you to create the most effective campaign to outshine your competitors. These features include:

In-depth Targeting​

Your campaigns cannot be profitable if they don’t reach the right audience and Adcash knows about this problem. For that reason, a sizeable list of targeting options was provided to make sure your in-page push notifications reach the right place and at the right time. You can target SSPs, Zones, Website Categories, GEOs, ISPs, Connection Types, Carriers, and Keywords.

In addition, Adcash is one of the few platforms that added user interest as part of its targeting options, which further increases the chances of ad engagement.


Campaign Set-up and Automated CPA​

Creating campaigns on Adcash is as easy as it gets. You don’t have to worry about long processes because you can start up a campaign in less than three minutes.

Optimization is also easy as you can do it with the platform’s AI-powered automatic bidding. Forget about manually whitelisting and blacklisting sources and let Adcash automate optimizations for you. More free time and a higher ROI for you.

But of course, if you prefer manual optimization, that is also possible.


All advertisers fear bot traffic and fraudulent activities. It wastes money and generates a loss in all areas. Luckily, Adcash is well-prepared and has developed a security system to combat ad fraud.

The platform’s most notable feat was when over $12.1 Million from their advertiser’s budget was saved from fraudulent traffic and activities in 2020 alone. Adcash’s anti-fraud tech will always keep your push campaigns and budgets safe.

AdBlock Bypass​

Adcash cancels out a major weakness an affiliate faces when advertising: adblockers. They have negative impacts on your campaigns, especially on banner ads, as they keep users away from your ads. But, Adcash saves the day with its Adblock bypass technology that pierces through the wall blocking your ads. This feature puts it a step above other ad networks.

Adcash Tracking Tokens​

Adcash offers a variety of tracking tokens you can use to help track and optimize your campaign. Here is a complete list:

Tracking TokenAdcash Token Definition
[zone]An encrypted ID of traffic source with Sub1 and Sub2 (represents zone-sub1-sub2 encrypted).
[clickid]Unique Click ID.
[advertiser]Advertiser profile ID in Adcash system.
[timestamp]Cache buster. Time in seconds since Epoch (aka. Timestamp).
[campaign]Current campaign ID in Adcash system.
[ban]Creative ID.
[country]ISO 3166-1 country code of the user.
[org]ISP organization.
[lang]Browser main language.
[redirection_cost]Displays a cost-specific redirection for advertiser:
For CPM payout - a price of a single impression that caused redirection.
For CPC payout - a click price
For a Mixed Payout - a calculated combination of all the payouts
For a CPA payout of any action type - 0.00
For CPA Target - a price of a single impression that caused a redirection.
[user_timezone]Time zone passed based on the IP of the click.
[connection_type]Connection type:
1 - Cable/DSL
2 - WI-FI
3 - everything else
[browser]Browser name
[ip]An IP address of the device making the ad request.
[platform]Platform name.
[device_make]Manufacturer of Device.
[ssp]Supply source.
[mzone]Zone ID without SubIDs
[device_model]Handset Model
[currency]Currency ISO code:

Adcash Funding Options​

Adcash’s minimum deposit is largely dependent on the type of account you want. If you want your account to be managed by a personal account manager, the minimum deposit would be $1000.

Self-serve accounts, on the other hand, have a minimum deposit of $100. Your funds can be paid directly to your wallet through wire transfers, PayPal, Skrill, or credit cards.

Adcash has an AMA (Ask Ms Anything) thread here in affLIFT where you can reach out not just for support concerns, but also for insider information. Visit the Adcash Official Thread to learn more.

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  • wolf
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Found this via contest here, Nice ad network to work with. Found some good quality traffic and some good features.

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