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Today, we will tell you how to make money on payday loan offers by driving traffic from Facebook.

The payday loan niche has always attracted affiliates due to its high profitability, the clear pain points of the target audience, and Facebook's lenient attitude towards it. This traffic source does not ban ads with payday loan offers if you create your ads without violating Facebook's rules.

In today's article, we will discuss how to create Facebook ads without getting banned and how to properly generate leads for financial offers through Facebook.

Let's start with the most important thing: the target audience. The target audience for payday loans is broad, as anyone might need money urgently. For such people, speed, ease of use, data protection, non-disclosure of information to third parties, loan amounts, repayment terms, and low interest rates are important.

Money may be needed for the following purposes: repairs, education, business, until payday, paying off previous loans, medical treatment, urgent purchases, etc. Usually, loans are taken by people who have been denied by banks and those who do not have a stable income.

At this stage, we understand that the "broad" targeting setting is likely to suit us for payday loan offer ads - men and women over 20-22 years old. This depends on the geo where you target your ad. That is, we take the "entire" Facebook audience and let the algorithms find the most relevant users to show the ads.

In addition to the "broad" audience of 20-55, men and women, we can show ads to people who are looking for jobs, women with children, casino players (of course, if this aligns with your moral principles).

Affiliates try to avoid words like “microcredit,” “payday advance,” etc., in their banners. Although there are instances where ads containing these stop words are not blocked by Facebook, such cases are rare and exceptions. At the same time, we must clearly convey to the user what we are advertising. Therefore, we indicate the loan terms, amounts, and depict bank cards and phone screens on the banners.


Example of banner for the Philippines


Example of banner for the USA

Even simple banners like ⬇these work


Example of banner for Vietnam

Ad Text
In the text, we describe brief advantages, keeping in mind what is important to our target audience: how quickly the money will be issued, approval rate, ease of application, etc.

Example Text:
💵 Get up to $5,000 on your card in less than 15 minutes! 💵
Click the link and receive a quick transfer to your account.

Additional Benefits:
⏱ 15 minutes and the money is in your account 👤 Available from age 22 🌙 24/7 service 📅 0% interest for the first 30 days 🔒 No guarantors required
Click the link and get your financial support now!

Landing Pages
The landing page to which we direct the user significantly influences the final result. It is crucial that all landing pages have the functionality to collect contact information! Users often do not perform the desired action on the first visit and leave to "think it over," often not returning. At PDL-Profit, we recommend using showcase sites that feature multiple offers, loan issuance times, maximum loan amounts, and other important information for the borrower.

Here, we mean a full-fledged website with a variety of offers and a blog on topics useful to the target audience. The advantage of this approach is that, besides advertising, these platforms receive tons of traffic from search engine results and are aimed at long-term engagement. They provide additional value to their target audience, who repay them by clicking on referral links and taking out payday loans.

One of the most popular landing page options is a classic financial showcase with a couple of dozen offers. At PDL-Profit, we have a tool that allows you to create a financial showcase website for any geo in less than 5 minutes. You can use our domain or your own, add offers, rank them, and set up API postbacks. The Showcase Builder tool gives you the ability to customize the designs of your showcases, transmit data with Facebook Pixel, and connect Google Analytics.

Example of showcase for Philippines

Bots in messengers are advantageous because the content of the bot is not accessible to Facebook. While a website can be analyzed by the social network's algorithm, a bot cannot. Additionally, this option gives users a sense of personalization. Creating a bot for Telegram, Messenger, or any other messenger is not difficult.

A huge advantage is the ability to monetize traffic further by sending offers through the bot.

Applications work not only in gambling and betting but also in the payday loan niche. They are mainly built on the principle of a showcase with multiple offers. You can drive traffic to the app from Facebook, but it is also well-suited for PPC, ASO, and UAC.

Monetization Recommendations
As mentioned, in the payday loan niche, users often do not complete the target action on their first visit. Therefore, it is crucial to collect contact information to send them push notifications, SMS, or emails with loan offers on favorable terms, or suggest other credit options.

If you want to work with financial traffic on showcase sites, be sure to create a non-intrusive pop-up asking for a phone number or email and justify your request.

For example: “Subscribe to the newsletter to not miss loan offers at 0.01% interest.” Additionally, think about providing extra value to your target audience to keep them with you longer: run a small blog, send useful materials, not just loan offers.

The payday loan niche, with the right approach, can bring consistently high income to affiliates. Despite the fact that payday loan ads are prohibited on Facebook, bypassing restrictions is relatively easy. Moreover, Facebook often has a lenient attitude towards the payday loan niche.

There are numerous ways to generate traffic for payday loans, both in terms of banners and landing pages. Choose what suits you best.

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