In the latest article to the Pushground Blog, we covered the Top Affiliate Forums of 2020 with expert advice from our special guest @Luke. We were happy to award affLIFT with the title Best-valued Affiliate Forum.

Luke provides some great insights into some of the biggest questions regarding affiliate forums. We thought we would share that part of the article here so everyone at affLIFT can benefit from it 😃


Why join an affiliate forum?

I joined my first few forums related to online marketing and making money online when I was about 13 years old. They were SitePoint and DigitalPoint. I ended up learning how to program with PHP from the SitePoint forum and a book I purchased from SitePoint. I can’t even imagine how much that has changed my life. A majority of my income today goes back to a book I bought from SitePoint in like 2003.

DigitalPoint also had a huge impact on me. I actually made my first money online from selling websites and digital services on DigitalPoint.

So, why join an affiliate forum? Well, if you are doing any sort of affiliate marketing, a good forum can provide a ton of value to you. You can network with companies in the industry. You can learn from other affiliate’s campaigns. It really depends on how you apply yourself and the actual forum you are joining.

Our goal with affLIFT is to provide you with the most friendly, helpful, and open community in the industry.

We have thousands of members who are all trying to do the same thing you are doing. It’s easy to see how that could benefit you.

We know that there is a ton of content out there related to affiliate marketing. What are some good ways for affiliates to find the most insightful content from the rest?
I actually think we’re lacking in good content in the industry. That is part of the reason I created affLIFT. It’s hard to find up-to-date content. Most people don’t write about things they’ve had success with until those things are no longer really relevant or viable.

We’re seeing more traffic sources and affiliate networks realize that there’s a lot of value to them for putting out good content. I believe that’s likely why Pushground now has their own blog too. It’s good for the industry.

So, my recommendation would be to look for content from reliable sources. Pushground has a great team and it’s easy to see from the posts published so far that this is going to be a good resource. Other traffic sources that have been in the industry for a long time that have blogs are also good resources. I also recommend bloggers who have been around a long time like Servando Silva and Ian Fernando.

How to make the most of forum memberships?

We have literally thousands of members on affLIFT who are just lurkers. They read the content and discussions on a daily or weekly basis, but they literally never post. THAT IS NOT A GOOD USE OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP.

If you do not have time to post because you are too busy taking action then I am not mad at you, but I believe in most cases the people who are not posting and asking questions are also the same people who are reading and not taking action.

The best way to learn is to run your own campaigns. As you run your campaigns, you are going to run into situations where you are not sure what to do.
The reason you get a membership from a forum like affLIFT is to be able to help get those questions answered. ASK.

You also should use the forum membership as an opportunity to get yourself into affiliate networks and traffic sources that you otherwise might have a hard time getting approved into. Most networks are members of the affLIFT community now (like Pushground), so use your membership as an ice breaker and start networking with those companies.

Also, we use our giant community at affLIFT to leverage companies like Pushground to give you a bonus for signing up. Use the live chat and ask them for it 🙂

Any tips for getting started in the forums?
There are two things I highly recommend you do when joining a forum (specifically, an affiliate marketing forum):

🥇 Introduce yourself to the community. Create a thread and tell everyone your prior experience and your goals. Telling people about your experience helps connect you with them. Telling people about your goals helps make you more accountable to achieve them.

🥈 Create a follow along campaign thread. A follow along is a campaign that you start and run specifically for the thread on the forum. I do not recommend doing this with a campaign you already have profitable. Create an all-new campaign specifically for the follow along. This is beneficial because it shows you want to provide value to the community. It also makes it so the community can immediately potentially start helping you with your campaign if you run into issues or make recommendations. We have had members turn follow alongs into 5 figure winners.