The booming nature of the gambling industry has made it appealing to affiliate marketers who look to promote online casinos. Irrespective of the specialization, an online casino is a website that allows punters to gamble across various games. There are numerous categories of online casinos, and they are as follows:
  • Slots: This is a popular form of gambling that involves a slot machine with spinning wheels containing numerous symbols. Winners emerge when the symbols line after each other following a spin. Of course, the higher the number of identical symbols, the bigger the win.
  • Poker: There are numerous online platforms for you to play this game. Playing poker online essentially simulates the real-life way of playing the game. The major difference, however, is that players can play across different tables when playing online.
  • Sports Betting: The gambling space also involves one of the most popular forms of gambling — sports betting. You can stake on your favorite teams with different odds. There are also other forms of gambling such as horse racing, Formula One, and even politics.
An affiliate marketer looks at these forms of gambling and decides on the most effective ways to onboard new users who’ll create accounts to play the game. Essentially, the goal of every affiliate marketer is to convert.

Models of Affiliate Marketing, Types of Conversion and Commission​

There are different models involved in affiliate marketing. A marketer will consider all the existing models to choose the one that’s most suitable.


A common revenue model is referred to as ‘RevShare.’ This model creates a profit-sharing formula that’s to exist for life. In this case, the affiliate marketer has a specific percentage they are entitled to based on the profit made by the client. Suppose the marketer’s commission is 20% of the profit. This means that where the client makes $200,000, the marketer will earn $20,000.

Although on the surface, this might appear appealing, the major drawback is that you’ll likely share in the client’s losses too. Therefore, an affiliate marketer should be careful about this model and ensure to work the details out neatly.

Cost-Per-Lead (CPL)​

Often, a cost-per-lead profit-sharing model deals with registration fees. In instances like this, the client will have partner networks to drive the traffic to the website. What will determine the worthiness of this revenue model is how much traffic the platform is able to generate. Additionally, there’ll be a set of key performance metrics in place to assess conversion. Nonetheless, 10% is the least conversion expected.

Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA)​

The objective here goes beyond mere registration, the user must actually proceed to play actively. Therefore, the client will analyze the activities of the client and the rate at which deposits are being made. Notably, clients might pay marketers up to $50 per user for deposits made. However, this is based on the expectation that such a user will be active. Where the user doesn’t meet up with expectations, the client might not pay the marketer as well.

RevShare and CPA: The Hybrid Version​

Here, the advertiser will be paid a conditional sum of about $20. This will be conditioned on the player making subsequent payments. Then, once the player does that, the client will pay the marketer accordingly. This means that the advertiser could be making up to about $45 on each user acquired.

You should note that when it comes to the working relationship between a marketer and a client, things can always change. Once a marketer ensures a job well done, you can always renegotiate terms with their clients.

The Target Market​

The target market is an important thing to consider for an affiliate marketer. You have to decide who you’re looking to convert. Is it someone within the 25 - 45 years age range who’s looking to relax with their computer by playing in a casino or a small business owner that likes to break the routine with some esports betting?

Essentially, what matters in the gambling space is to decide on an active demographic based on passion and financial standing. Therefore, you might want to consider a market between 18 - 45 years, as anything beyond 45 years might be unsuitable. For you to achieve your CPA, the middle class is a good catch.

You should consider converting high-rollers. This is why the middle-class target might be a good place to start. If the user decides to stake high amounts, they might even prove sufficient for the affiliate marketer based on a RevShare model. In the gambling space, what matters is the desire of users to win quickly. So, you’ll need to target people who love the thrills that come with quick wins.

So, precisely, 25-45 years in the middle class represents the best age range for gambling while 18-25 represents a good target for betting. Getting this market isn’t difficult, either. You simply have to look at the places that people in this class would typically be — such as cars and sports websites, currency instruments like price checkers and explorers (especially when it comes to crypto), and different networks for adults.

Ad Bundles specs​

Since we have established that there are different age ranges for gambling and betting, it’s only right that bundles are tailored to the demands of each category of users. Again, you have to consider players who are all about the excitement. For these players:
  1. You can easily pitch bonus packages. For instance, you can say ‘make a deposit and get 100 free spins.’ You’ll also need to indicate that you’re referring to gamblers. This is an effective strategy for creating compelling copies that can convert.
  2. Additionally, you can also leverage data to invite players. Gamblers love numbers. They love to see what they can achieve in number if they do certain things. So, you can tap into this to convert more users.
Also, you can leverage some other methods to drive traction. This includes the following.
  1. Making the gambler see why they might want to play a few games. You can briefly highlight a rise in people’s disinterest in jobs, following a new earning strategy on the internet. The goal here is to brush on how gambling can be an alternative without mentioning that wins are guaranteed when you gamble.
  2. Furthermore, you can also leverage blogs to discuss different content that will incite gamblers to think they can beat the system. Often, gamblers make decisions based on this assumption.

Sources of Traffic for Gambling Sites - 2021​

You have to understand how to distinguish between relevant traffic and irrelevant ones. To have a positive ROI, you have to know where to buy traffic from. Here are some of the sources you might want to consider.

Mobile Apps​

Although this is not precisely a source of traffic but an avenue for conversion, mobile apps are key ways to assess the traffic. This is because users utilize mobile apps to access online casinos, since these apps offer more convenience and mobility. Additionally, apps are designed with push notifications to constantly keep the casino at the back of the player’s mind.


Push notifications are a way to use catchy headlines to drive traffic. In this regard, it’s crucial to only use accurate data and tell true stories. But make it catchy and appealing to the player. For instance ‘Register on 1xBit and get up to 7 BTC welcome bonus’.

Call-to-Action (CTA)​

Another major way to drive traffic is by creating content on the casino’s website and subtly infusing ads that will take users to services offered by the casino. Here, the website will write relevant informational content and cite the website as a perfect place for gambling. CTAs or native ads are subtle and well-infused to market without actively marketing. Even the user won’t know they are subtly being converted.


Your major objective here is to gain access to an active network, and Telegram fits the bill in this regard. You can direct users to a telegram channel, from where you’ll link them to the landing page. Alternatively, you can choose to pay for advertising posts from popular channels in the industry. These channels often have a large user base, making it convenient to drive traction.

Email Marketing​

Although it might be difficult to achieve true conversion with email newsletters, smart affiliate marketers are able to leverage this strategy to convert more users. You should focus on getting the reader to want to know more about what you have to say. Spam


Since this is a visual platform with millions of videos and people looking to learn new things, including gambling strategy, you can tap into it by buying advertising posts from established bloggers. This platform has no policy against gambling, so you’re very welcome to fully maximize it.


Assessing Gambling Offers to Identify the Good Ones​

Although your focus should be on the offer that will make you money, there are some other relevant factors you might want to consider when identifying gambling offers.
  1. Focus on ensuring that registration can be done with a few clicks and with the least amount of personal information possible. Gamblers want to start playing games as quickly as possible, so you should align your registration process to that.
  2. Ensure the casino supports mobile apps to speed up the process of playing games. With these applications, players can get started seamlessly.
  3. Infuse bonuses as a part of your campaign strategy, but not entirely based on it.
  4. Ensure the website is easy to use and smooth to navigate. Momentum is also an important factor to gamblers, so you have to make it possible for them to navigate seamlessly.

Leverage Statistics to Become a Valuable Marketer​

Statistics is something you’ll want to use to your advantage. The best affiliate marketers know when gamblers are active. Meaning, they understand the best time to attempt pitching to the players.

For instance, during the weekends of spring and summer, gambling activities are mostly on the low side. However, on weekdays, activities pick up. Evening time is also an appropriate moment to go after potential users. This is the opposite in winter, as gamblers are more active during the weekend.

Finally, the region also matters. Profiting from traffic in some countries is more seamless than in others. For CIS and Africa it’s harder to have positive ROI. In countries like China and Turkey gambling is not allowed at all. Ultimately, you have to consider all these factors when developing an affiliate marketing strategy.

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