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Follow Along Let's Run Some Galaksion Pops



Grand Guru
Nov 8, 2019
Here's my entry to this month's Galaksion contest. The goal is to make $20 profit per day with their pop traffic. As the initial test, I set up a Zeydoo survey campaign on their CPA model and the performance was so bad I had to stop it halfway through.


Price for unsuccessfully tested slices: $22.59 and ended up with a CPA of $0.72 when my target CPA was 0.08. The Galaksion CPA bidding model is so bad you can lose your life savings if you run enough unproven campaigns. 😂

Then I set up the same campaign but this time with a proven lander that's fetching me around 10% ROI on Propeller. Luckily with this one, I was able to get some momentum right off the start..


But with my $30 test cost and 12% ROI, it's gonna take me quite a while to even recover my initial expenses with this kind of volume. Let's see for how long does Galaksion keep sending me traffic to this campaign. I will call this campaign 1 in my future updates and will set up a few more camps over the week.

Campaign 1​

🎯 Traffic Type: Pops & Redirects
🔧 Tracking Tool: Clickflare
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