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First Monday LIFTUP is Monday at 9pm Eastern!


Active member
Due to the time difference where I am its not so easy to attend these, would be cool if any recordings of these though (y)


New member
It sounds like many members are interested in doing a regularly scheduled Monday digital meetup so I'm happy to announce our first Monday LIFTUP will be this upcoming Monday (May 21st) at 9:00pm Eastern (EDT).

I know timezones are a pain, so here is a countdown timer to the event:


I will send out a message notification to everyone an hour before the meetup starts as well.

What to expect:
  • Discussions about campaigns from last week
  • Discussions about lessons from last week
  • Plan of action for this week
Everyone who joins will be encouraged to participate in the discussions. I have no idea how this will go since it's our first one, but let's give it a shot. I may also go live on YouTube during the meetup and will post the link in the chat if I do (got to sort out how YouTube Live works first) :)

Looking forward to it! Everyone have a great weekend.

P.S. My wife is due to deliver our daughter by the end of this month. If that happens before our meetup Monday night, I will obviously not be available. I'll let everyone know 👍