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Codex JavaScript Sandbox (OpenAI for coding)



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Apr 17, 2018
I was looking at the recent OpenAI update and saw they have a new playground area for creating JavaScript code.

I believe anyone can access this that has an OpenAI account (free to create):

You simply provide the AI instructions for what you want it to code and it will code it:

I'm just playing around with it, but this seems pretty powerful and might be a cool way to generate some code to test on landing pages. Of course, do some thorough testing yourself before putting it live in a campaign :D

@Nick @dood curious your thoughts since you're my JavaScript gurus ๐Ÿง 
Iโ€™ll have to try this out. I was super impressed with GitHub Copilot, so Iโ€™m very interested in seeing if this is any better. ;)

Thanks for the heads up!
Wow, you all also need to check out ChatGPT:

This is insane.

ChatGPT - 1 million users in 5 days (more than Facebook)

It has already fixed bunch of my python codes and suggested ways how I should process my data to get the desired output. I love it so much.
Big Brain

ChatGPT Brain ๐Ÿง ๐Ÿš€
I had a member just PM me and ask me how to randomly redirect to one of multiple links using JavaScript. As I told them, I would use my tracker to do this, but decided to ask ChatGPT to create the JavaScript for me...

Pretty incredible if you ask me!

// Define an array of ten URLs
var urls = [

// Generate a random number between 0 and 9
var randomNumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * 10);

// Redirect to the URL at the index of the random number
window.location = urls[randomNumber];
I've been learning about it lately~
Here are two browser plugins for ChatGPT:
one that allows you to summon a ChatGPT window at any time,

and another that lets you use ChatGPT to search alongside Google :cool:
This is some next level stuff... Checked it out - gonna project all landings with this Chat, for real!
And the Codex Sandbox is also alright, I would see it as a help for those who want to actually learn javascript.