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ClickFlare Free Trial Extended. Don't miss it!



Nov 2, 2022

Hi guys,

After 2 months of very happy clients using our new tracking tool ClickFlare.io, we decided to extend the trial until March 31st. That is right, you can create a free account of our amazing tracker and use it without any limitations completely for free until that date.

Read below how happy one of our clients is with the tracker:


Lol what else can we ask from a client that Elvis Presley moves!

In any case, if you live under a rock where the top affiliate trends can not reach and haven’t heard of ClickFlare.io, it is the coolest tracker on the block. Brought to you by the same team behind TheOptimizer and LanderLab.

What is ClickFlare?

ClickFlare is the newest, yet most powerful tracking platform ever built for performance-based marketers and affiliates.

Did we re-invent the wheel?

Absolutely not! However, for the past 5 years, we’ve listened to TheOptimizer’s
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