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Jun 21, 2021

There we go!
We are Chipleads - Finland based guys who makes fun of generating revenues for our partners!

And here we are with first selection of this week!

ID 3 - Dating Smartlink CPL SOI|DOI WW [adult|casual]
ID 652 - Dating Smartlink CPL SOI|DOI WW [adult|casual]
ID 763 - Dating mainstream prelander smartlink CPL SOI/DOI WW
ID 765 - Dating adult smartlink CPL SOI/DOI WW
ID 772 - Sweeps smartlink CPL/CC WW
ID 773 - IVR Adult smartlink CPA WW
ID 774 - IVR Mainstream smartlink CPA WW

Forbidden: fraud, incent, popunder, clickunder, underage, rebrokering, coregistration, fake usernames, fake geo, bot traffic

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