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A tracking problem....I can't figure this out



Aug 18, 2023
Alright so I'm looking for a simple (relatively) way to track a campaign from cold traffic all the way through a funnel to a sale.

The Funnel goes like this...

Cold traffic (FB,Google) ----- Email opt-in ------ Email Follow-up -------- Live Webinar ------- Sign-up for 1-on-1 Sales Call -------Sale is made on call

I want to be able to track the final sale all the way back to the ad/creative/keyword/campaign that started it.

The good thing is I am working directly with the offer owner on this so I have access to every step of the funnel and can add whatever code, tracking links, etc. that I need to.

I know I can use a tracker for the 1st part of the funnel. ie. tracking cold traffic to email opt-in is quite straightforward. Then the second half of the funnel can mostly be tracked using the email software (ActiveCampaign). But my trouble is connecting the 2. How do I know which unique Click_id (from the tracker) is connected to which
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