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πŸ’Έ "PROPELLER" +ROI ZONES πŸš€πŸ’° (Sponsored by Luke)



Dec 3, 2022
Hey guys,

Here are the "Propeller" +ROI zones for probably every possible GEO.

Glossary for formats used in the sheet below:

  • "DC" - direct click type of format.
  • "Inpagepush" - inpage push format.
  • "Popunder" - pop type of format.
  • "Push" - push type of format.
  • "SE" - survey exit type of format.
I ran strictly survey-type offers, which, as you probably know, have very small payouts.

These zones were collected from a considerably large amount of traffic and have statistical significance, even though survey-type offers are no longer available in "Propeller." You can run these zones with basically any kind of offer (dating, utility, etc.).

You will often find two or three duplicated cells (for instance, Cuba had so many +ROI zones that it was divided into two different sections). Please collect and combine data (zones) from different cells and paste it into your preferred campaign settings.

Some of the GEOs had a few (for instance, Denmark), but if the zone/zones are there, that means the conversion happened regardless. It's up to youβ€”maybe you can use it for a higher payout offer as well or just add it to your WL campaign settings.

At the
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