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Recent content by zero click

  1. zero click

    Why i love RTXplatform Pop traffic "mini case study"

    Coming soon guys
  2. zero click

    Golden Goose Follow Along 🤑🚀 - Can We Make Some Profits with Mobile Content Offers?

    you might check your server location, ram.....
  3. zero click

    Follow Along Back to Egypt with Golden Goose

    i agree you can see much better CR
  4. zero click

    Why i love RTXplatform Pop traffic "mini case study"

    Hey @javirap you're right about "channels own by RTX" about the traffic quality i won't worry about it that much as long as i'm running cps offers which i got there about 30-60 days cookies time also i'm getting users who indeed trying to enter go to some of these cps brands for that's it's...
  5. zero click

    Why i love RTXplatform Pop traffic "mini case study"

    Hey afflifters hope you're all doing great back in day i was thread about RTxplatform traffic which you can find here i was running this trageting 1 channel and only HIGH likelihood traffic for a year or so i've been running fashion brands such as Shein, Zaful, Romwe things was great so...
  6. zero click

    Current Status of Kintura

    still down
  7. zero click

    Restarting again

    sounds great best of luck
  8. zero click

    Official Advertizer.com - What Features Do You Want?

    @Monetizer any plans to add it soon on push traffic ?
  9. zero click

    Kintura Issue

    yea happens to me for about 10 days or so yesterday was a nightmare i just moved to other tracker
  10. zero click

    Propel Media rejects campaigns due to "dangerous webpage"

    Yes happens all the time
  11. zero click

    Follow Along Propeller ads + Mobidea + Bemob - SOI Sweepstakes (TH)

    why did you mix classic and in page traffic together in the same campaign and same bid same question about your OS targets and propeller & Broker's it doesn't make any sense !
  12. zero click

    in house offers

    check your inbox
  13. zero click

    Demographic and Interest Targeting on PropellerAds

    still to early to work with i believe
  14. zero click

    Anyone run Evadav Push?

    maybe you need to use some automation tools to set rule that can be based on LP CTR and start block