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Recent content by Omar

  1. Omar

    Why we made Kintura FREE

    woow, i heard a lot about your tracker, it's time to try it if you include Optimizer will be a killing shoot to Other Trackers
  2. Omar

    Handling Cash Flow - Bloody Difficult!

    Hey @Pat1991 , what's happened? did you got any anwer from Clickdealer?
  3. Omar

    Comment by 'Omar' in article 'How to run affiliate campaigns on Google Ads'

    Great Guide, could you tell us how to run mobile carrier Offers on Google Ads, please? Thanks @Laurent.
  4. Omar

    Follow Along 2020 PPV vs Monetizer CPI Offers (My First Lander Camp)

    No, Multiple Networks, i always make new landers Multiple Networks, tips :unsure: every day try an Offer on different Traffic Sources Thanks Luke, i'm learning from you man :)
  5. Omar

    Follow Along 2020 PPV vs Monetizer CPI Offers (My First Lander Camp)

    i make a good profit from those CPI Offers, i had a very good ROI but it's because i started testing them 7 Months ago until i found the best Traffic Sources for them. dont give up, keep trying until you find winning combination
  6. Omar

    Follow Along My Journey To $100/Day with ZeroPark ⭐️Completed⭐️ Let's double it. $200/day!

    Hi @LeMin, Before talking about landers, you need to have a testing strategy i like you because you take Action but i don't like how you're doing that do it Smarter not Harder. what's your Offer Payout? is those are RON Campaigns or Sources?
  7. Omar

    Case Study Quick 100% ROI This Weekend - Monetizer + PropellerAds

    @Luke i can't have a profitable Campaign with PropellerAds Do you use SmartCPM or CPM? and Can you tell us what is your bid strategy, please?
  8. Omar

    Follow Along My Journey To $100/Day with ZeroPark ⭐️Completed⭐️ Let's double it. $200/day!

    Hi @LeMin did you achieve 200$ a day please keep us updated
  9. Omar

    From Jordan with Love

    Hello Amer you're welcome, man, you'rein the right place :)
  10. Omar

    Best direct link affiliates/advertisers?

    Try LosPollos Smartlink but you need more test budget cause you can see the ECPM of Countries no Browser/OS Data. good luck
  11. Omar

    Follow Along 🔥ClickDealer + BeMob + ZeroPark + Nick's Course & Mentoring

    i had a Positive Experience with ZP Push, it's more expensive than others but it's work the Offer you promote was on the top Clickdealer Offers every week but i had never thinked to try it. the LP 4 was very good, so i'll let the Campaign working, i'll kill the Trgets that Convert and i would...
  12. Omar

    What payment option do you prefer and consider to be legit/safe?

    i really liked your opinions Guys :) For me, im focusing on making money, i don't care about anything else i think the imortant thing is we need to focus on Optimizing our Campaigns/ROI when we reach 5 figures a day then all the Networks will pay us as we want :) Thanks
  13. Omar

    Follow Along Evadav Pops + TiltWIN

    you had a bad result with this Offer on PropellerAds, you give it another shot today Great, @Luke You're the King of Testing
  14. Omar

    Follow Along Evadav Publisher [Push] + LandingTrack + Pop Traffic = Recurring Profits

    Good Start @mukil , i don't know why but the CR of trafficBack is better than the main LPs :) Good Luck