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    What payment option do you prefer and consider to be legit/safe?

    i really liked your opinions Guys :) For me, im focusing on making money, i don't care about anything else i think the imortant thing is we need to focus on Optimizing our Campaigns/ROI when we reach 5 figures a day then all the Networks will pay us as we want :) Thanks
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    Follow Along Evadav Pops + TiltWIN

    you had a bad result with this Offer on PropellerAds, you give it another shot today Great, @Luke You're the King of Testing
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    Follow Along Evadav Publisher [Push] + LandingTrack + Pop Traffic = Recurring Profits

    Good Start @mukil , i don't know why but the CR of trafficBack is better than the main LPs :) Good Luck
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    Follow Along Journey to 250 USD Daily Profit with CPA & SEO "passive"

    this guy is professional and he knows what he's doing following, and Best of luck :)
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    Follow Along RichPush+PeerFly+Bemob+sweepstake= USA ( Jan Contest)

    Did you spent 60$ in one day? the offer payout is 1.60 and you spent 60$?
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    snapchat didn't approve my campaign !

    the same problem with Twitter Ads, Let's invite our Teacher here :) @Luke
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    Google Analytics Daily Report Emails

    Great idea, thanks ;)
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    Follow Along AdsMaven + Maxbounty + BeMob + Sweep= UK Campaign

    i appreciate that Mr sharon because of my small budget, i decided to focus on ZP it's cheap and converting for me maybe later, thanks
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    Follow Along AdsMaven + Maxbounty + BeMob + Sweep= UK Campaign

    i have tried Admaven with no conversions, the support is very helpful but the traffic is expensive and it's not converting for me following to see some results, i hope you get some green good luck
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    Follow Along Zeropark + BeMob + PureLander + Peerfly. Journey to $50 per day!

    mmm nice, you're doing good, keep going i advice you to stop the pop campaign, bots can't make you money (i burned more than 200 on Zeropark popup with no conversions) push is the king :)
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    Follow Along Zeropark + BeMob + PureLander + Peerfly. Journey to $50 per day!

    Hey @Lazytoms, I'm following you're buying expensive traffic, don't care about recomanded bid on Zeropark, bid lower to test Good luck
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    Is push the best traffic for newbies?

    thanks @Luke
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    Comment by 'Omar' in article 'Introduce Yourself to the Community'

    Hello the Community, i hope you doing well my name is Omar, I am from Morocco. i living between France and Luxembourg. I have been doing affiliate marketing for a year. My favorite traffic sources lately are Zeropark, i'm learning Fb Ads cause is the best one for every business, i know it's...
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    Goals for 2019

    Hi Luke, i respect you more now, you're clever did you tried Skrayp with Zeropark ? i'm talking about (Target Keyword)