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Recent content by manu

  1. manu

    Interview with a Pro Affiliate: Emanuel Cinca

    Thanks for the great questions, Luke & the community leaders. If anyone has more questions that would want to ask me, fire away!
  2. manu

    STACKED MARKETER Made $186,205

    On our home page.
  3. manu

    Hello from Romania

    Welcome to affLIFT! Haha, the grass is always greener on the other side... Media buyers would like to get "free" traffic, SEOs want things that are quicker to test and scale. Both can be good and it's OK if you want a change but media buying will come with its own challenges and own algorithm...
  4. manu

    STACKED MARKETER Made $186,205

    Thank you!
  5. manu

    Interview with a Pro Affiliate: Nick Lenihan

    Nice one! Speaking of not relying on paid traffic, I heard newsletters are pretty hot these days 👀
  6. manu

    STACKED MARKETER Made $186,205

    Thank you :)
  7. manu

    STACKED MARKETER Made $186,205

    Maybe it was sent to Promotions in this case? Check the top left of the email, above the subject line, if you're on Desktop, might have the tag and you can also select "Not Promotions" to move it easier.
  8. manu

    STACKED MARKETER Made $186,205

    I wrote a Twitter thread on how we made the switch and how our thought process went. Cliffs: Long subject lines were engaging - way above average. Some people liked them, some didn’t and were shocked to hear the open rates. They were not very easy to come up with and could cause deliverability...
  9. manu

    STACKED MARKETER Made $186,205

    Thanks! The drive and motivation are definitely there to keep doing better. Let's see how our 2021 Annual Report looks like.
  10. manu

    STACKED MARKETER Made $186,205

    Haha, thanks!
  11. manu

    STACKED MARKETER Made $186,205

    We have a survey that new subs can fill in so we look at what people are interested in. The big 4 are Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO, Email and Content Marketing. Of course, not all of them have the same noteworthy events happening all the time but we do try to balance out those topics...
  12. manu

    STACKED MARKETER Made $186,205

    Haha, thanks for sharing, Luke! If anyone has questions about it, feel free to fire away here! We can turn this into an impromptu AMA.
  13. manu

    Official PropellerAds - Your Advertising network & Global traffic source

    Was great to be a guest! Can't help but wonder how accurate predictions will be given how 2020 threw quite the spanner in the works.
  14. manu

    DatsPush now has pops...as do other push networks...

    Once you have the setup and the publishers, it's probably worth trying to expand to more traffic types as much as you can. Wouldn't read into it as good or bad for push. Push, pop and native are often found together now, haha.
  15. manu

    Why we made Kintura FREE

    Hotmail is always tricky. It's way more likely to go into spam when sending to Outlook/Hotmail, plus many people use their Hotmail addresses in Apple Mail or Gmail, which means they now have 2 spam filters. So the email gets into spam on Hotmail and doesn't get forwarded to your Gmail/Apple...