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Recent content by Luke

  1. Luke

    Benefits of Push Traffic and Trends for this 2021

    There's definitely still some great potential with push 👍
  2. Luke

    Advertize.com is a fraud adnetwork

    Advertizer is pretty clear when you setup your campaign that you have to be careful. Sucks, but it sounds like you scaled too quickly as well without getting feedback.
  3. Luke

    What am I doing wrong?

    Also curious about your timing on GME :D
  4. Luke

    Voluum DSP - High Win Rate Means Bidding Too High?

    It means you're bidding aggressively. You may want to try decreasing though to see how it impacts your ROI. Tagging @Voluum because I am sure they'll want to contribute to the discussion :)
  5. Luke

    Official Trafee.com - Smartlinks of new generation!

    You can find more information about Trafee in our Link Directory! :) https://afflift.com/f/link-directory/trafee.181/
  6. Luke


    I have added Trafee to our Link Directory! Choosing one offer to promote among thousands can be a daunting task. If information like which one works best for your traffic, which is trending right now, and which has the highest EPC are not available to you, then the daunting task will come...
  7. Luke

    Official Referral Program - Paying Weekly - 25% Commission!

    Sent out some more payments! 🚀
  8. Luke

    Best affiliate marketing bloggers and influencers to follow in 2021🔥

    Happy to see so many people from affLIFT included in your influencer blog post! :D
  9. Luke

    Quality of Traffic

    Are you direct linking or using your own landing page?
  10. Luke

    Choose Your Favorite - iMonetizeIt Follow Along Contest

    I voted. Votes are looking interesting so far :)
  11. Luke

    Help with firing postback on email subscribe

    This JavaScript is beyond me, but I feel like this would be super simple with PHP. Tagging @Nick @dood since they're my JavaScript guys :D
  12. Luke

    PlayCash – gambling and betting affiliate program with top conditions!

    Just curious of your top 5 or so performing offers :)
  13. Luke

    Anyone up for an accountability discord or something?

    No problem with this. Hope it works great 👍
  14. Luke

    Looking for Medicare Traffic

    You should include a link to your everflow sign up 👍
  15. Luke

    Looking for a Premium Traffic Source...look no further Vrume is your answer! 🎯🔔

    No, I have not tested Vrume yet. They've given out some credit to members here though and I've heard good things 👍