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    [LIVE WEBINAR] How to make $500,000 on Pay Per Call offers

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    Motivation or lack of it!

    As they say, burnout is a bitch. I am in somewhat of a similar situation. I've been working really hard for weeks now on getting everything setup so we could have an amazing Black Friday (we did 🎉) and at the same time I had family visiting from out of state for about a month. Between...
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    [LIVE WEBINAR] How to make $500,000 on Pay Per Call offers

    38 minutes till the webinar!
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    Guide Landing Pages 101

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    Swag Holiday Giveaway 🎁

    You still have a chance on Friday 🍀
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    Swag Holiday Giveaway 🎁

    Alright, I'm using the Google Random Number Generator again for this contest to randomly pull 10 replies to select the 10 winners for this giveaway 🎅 #15 @servandosilva #21 @MoneyTrails #41 @ingzazz #29 @Lexus #26 @Add!c7ed #38 @EslamSeyam #28 @Deshaaa #40 @newcb #10 @Samira_PL #25 @TheScrrr...
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    Community Leaders Top Guides of 2021

    I was going through some of the guides that we posted this year and got the idea to post the top guides (I did not include follow alongs) from each of our Community Leaders this year. So, here they are! :) Top 5 Guides for each Community Leader @Nick
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    Domain redirect (zero click) traffic

    RTX: SelfAdvertiser: TONIC (classic thread): None for...
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    Hello Wooten83 here

    BTW, I saw you bought a lifetime membership. Happy to have you in our community...FOR LIFE :D 🚀💰
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    Hello Wooten83 here

    I also recommend you start by going through our courses :) Our "Best Of" thread is the best place to start as far as individual threads goes:
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    Domain redirect (zero click) traffic

    I've run some of my best campaigns using domain traffic. Great idea for a thread. A few other domain sources you should consider: TONIC (@TONIC.) RTX (@RTXPlatform) SelfAdvertiser (@SelfAdvertiser) Trellian (@TrellianTraffic)
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    Traffic Source that allows targeting domain?

    Whenever someone asks this it makes me miss LeadImpact. Ran my first profitable PPV campaign on there about 15 years ago ☠️
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    Official BeMob Tracker

    You're talking about two different things. A tracker (BeMob) and a traffic source (Facebook). Currently, it's easy to get your FB account disabled for doing affiliate marketing. My recommendation if you are interested in doing affiliate marketing is to go through our Beginners Course. Then, you...
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    Case Study 466% ROI eCommerce Case Study!

    Depends. I've worked with pretty big brands that were okay with it. Just depends. Typically, if they do allow it, it's on a case-by-case basis.
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    Kintura Story

    The other issue with most SaaS businesses is that they build over time, but most people are too impatient to wait for it (or financially they cannot). My guess is that Zeropark probably helped Voluum along financially (just a guess) in the early days. Most trackers in the industry now have some...