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Recent content by Luke

  1. Luke

    Can I Scale the Beginner Course to other Browsers/IOS?

    The push notifications that are being collected using the course are native push notifications so they can only be collected by certain devices/browsers/os. There are new opportunities with calendar push on iOS and things like that, but native push collection is somewhat limited...
  2. Luke

    How to know if I have enough data?

    With PPV traffic, I typically have a minimum $10 spend for lower paying offers (< $2), but otherwise will usually use 3-5x the payout. The initial test I run is only to see a conversion. If the offer converts, I'll do a second batch of testing. If it doesn't, I won't. I do not know of a...
  3. Luke

    Golden Goose Contest - Choose Your Favorite Follow Along

    Of course, huge thank you to my friends @MrGoose for doing this awesome contest with us :D
  4. Luke

    Golden Goose Contest - Choose Your Favorite Follow Along

    It's time to pick your favorite follow along from our contest with Golden Goose! https://afflift.com/f/threads/golden-goose-follow-along-contest-3-000-in-prizes.7145/ You can vote for 1 follow along in the poll. The voting ends in 1 week on Friday, August 6th. The member with the most votes...
  5. Luke

    Guide A Useful Tool to Grab Text From an Image

    Just used this and wanted to say thanks again :D
  6. Luke


    Were you just direct linking?
  7. Luke

    What is going on with ProfitSocial?

    They've been a pain to me too. My account was deactivated for non-activity (fair enough), but I've been trying to get it reactivated so I can monitor my referrals and they wanted 6 months payment history from other networks 😆 Not a big deal, but it's not worth the effort for now :D @Adverten...
  8. Luke

    Follow Along Advertizer (CPA) - Traffic from Monetizer

    Did they end up getting any conversions?
  9. Luke

    New to Clickbank (looking for affiliates)

    Are you currently promoting your own products on any paid channels?
  10. Luke

    Official TheOptimizer Mobile - Pop/Redirect/Push Campaigns on Auto-Pilot

    What do you think of it?
  11. Luke

    Restarting again

    Haven't messed with those traffic sources because I don't do video. I'll be curious to hear how it goes.
  12. Luke

    Follow Along GG + Propeller Push CPA (GG Contest)

    Nice on getting your shot 💉
  13. Luke

    Follow Along Mobidea Push + Peerclick + Adult Dating several networks

    Ouch. Get any good data at least?
  14. Luke

    Follow Along Adsterra Social Bar + Mobile Content Offers From Golden Goose!

    lol yeah I think that should help :D