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    Leadbit - Top converting Holiday offers! High profits for Nutra, Gambling, Dating

    Cheers, fellow affiliates, Wishing you a Merry Christmas, high volumes and tremendous success! May the rates and approvals always be at the top level🎄🥂 This is always possible with Leadbit team cus our trusted CPA network has everything you need💪🏽: 🌟 Greatest Nutra, Gambling, Dating, and other...
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    Official LeadBit - Join global CPA agency | Nutra| Gambling| Dating

    🔥Meet LeadBit on Squid Game Edition🔥 Conversion Fest hosts a Squid Game themed event for affiliates.🍸 Guests at the event will: 🎵 dance all night long to the sounds of the best DJs; 💃🏻 be wowed by a spectacular dance performance; 🥃 be treated to aged spirits and exquisite appetizers; 👥...
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    Black Friday 2021 - Affiliate Marketing Deals

    It's time for increased payouts 🔥 Yes, you get it right: LeadBit gives exclusive +5% BUMPS FOR ANY 2 GAMBLING OFFERS! Whether you're a current LeadBit user or planning to sign up, it's your perfect chance to start earning big with LeadBit Black Friday! Send your manager the PROMO CODE...
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    Leadbit Follow Along Contest - $3,000 in Prizes

    Congrats to all the winners 🥳🍾You did it! We're just couldn't be happier to see so many contestants, who did a great job! All your follow-alongs are great, and we hope you enjoyed your experience 🤩 Thank you to everyone who entered. Be sure to keep an eye on our future contests and updates!
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    Hi my name is Dung :)

    Welcome aboard, Dung! Afflift is a real mine of information, so you came to the right place 👍 And if you're interested in Gambling and Dating, we'd be your best bet. We've got plenty of great offers as well as the best rates and payouts. Feel free to PM us if you need more info or want us to...
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    Official LeadBit - Join global CPA agency | Nutra| Gambling| Dating

    Hey guys! You've undoubtedly all seen that we're holding the contest of this month. And we're super excited to see all the participants🤟 🥳 Given how helpful and active the AffLift community is, we are sure that the contest is an excellent starting point for newbies since no one will be left...
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    Leadbit Follow Along Contest - $3,000 in Prizes

    Hey @noisyboy, sure, let's get it rolling ;)
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    Follow Along Leadbit + Adsterra + Anstrex + Binom (First Time Using Them All)

    Hi James We're sorry that you're having this problem, we'll look into it right away We've sent you a DM, please check it
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    Official LeadBit - Join global CPA agency | Nutra| Gambling| Dating

    IT'S NOW OR NEVER! Rates on Nutra soaring to the skies 🚀🚀 Seeing how popular Nutra is getting in Latin America, we couldn't help but use a chance to bring extra profits to our users. Only with LeadBit, you can get the HIGHEST rates and approvals. Just look at these offers 🤑🤑 Erasmin MX...
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    Leadbit Follow Along Contest - $3,000 in Prizes

    Hey @abdoshaik, we'll gladly help you with your problem. Let's talk in DM, and figure out how to fix your situation ;)
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    LeadBit Hot Top Report - only fresh and converting flows

    Hey guys! The LeadBit Hot Top Report is now out, and it features new approaches and flows that will rock your campaigns 🤘 Hurry up to download it and find: 3 hottest verticals 10+ converting GEO 15+ lucrative offers Don't forget to claim creatives, along with the converting pre-landers and...
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    Official LeadBit - Join global CPA agency | Nutra| Gambling| Dating

    🔥 Woo Hoo 🔥 Affbank Awards 2021 has started, and LeadBit is nominated in 4 categories 🥳 It is up to you whether we win one, several, or all of them! And we believe in you just as much as you do in us 💪🏻 Let's win together! Support LeadBit and cast a vote in our favor 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Vote for LeadBit
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    Any recommendations?

    Thanks, guys :) How about YouTube channels? Do you have any suggestions?
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    Any recommendations?

    Hey guys, What affiliate marketing courses and youtube channels would you recommend?
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    What are the best sources of push traffic to try adult dating offers?

    Hi, Diego As we can see, push, email, display (banners), teasers, Facebook, UAC, context, and TikTok all work well. All these traffic sources are great and have the potential to produce excellent outcomes. However, as is customary, all of them need a significant amount of testing until you find...