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Recent content by Landingtrack

  1. Landingtrack

    Landingtrack + Traffic Company = NICE Combo

    Fantastic @Luke if I might suggest and show to you a different configuration with the rules: Rue $0.10: This one will be blocking all the targets on Zeropark that have spent 0.1 and did not bring any conversion. On conversion: All those targets that have made a conversion but ROI is below 20%...
  2. Landingtrack

    Guide The Token Bible - PPV Edition

    You can record any Token you like even if your tracker has a database for it to recognize the visit- so you can compare. Example: This is your Campaign URL on PopAds...
  3. Landingtrack

    Can't see my conversion in the network

    This is how it regular works: 1- You as an affiliate: Affiliate Network (or Network) notifies Tracker then Tracker notifies Ad Network (Traffic Source) - Like @Dereck said, kind of magic here. Something to have into consideration. This can actually happen: when you made the conversion...
  4. Landingtrack

    LandingTrack Integrated Affiliate Networks

    Fantastic @Luke !! soon we will be adding more and more :)
  5. Landingtrack

    LandingTrack Integrated Affiliate Networks

    Welcome Affmy to LandingTrack! The Affiliate Network that specializes in the Dating niche is now available on LandingTrack. Simply connect both accounts and start uploading your offers. As simple as that. @Affmy is a team of international media buyers. Right now @Affmy is a partner of the...
  6. Landingtrack

    Which tracker block bot traffic ?

    Hello @sfenky, you can easily block bots with us, you just need to set up the rule, and once is accomplish the source will be blocked automatically. I agree with @Nick although it is true that some source might have between 70 to 100 % bot so... why paying for those if you can block them...
  7. Landingtrack

    Happy 2nd Birthday, affLIFT!

    Well done Luke and the rest of the community!
  8. Landingtrack

    Official LandingTrack - Auto-Optimization + Tracking system

    Chilling at home? We hope you all guys are fine. Here comes a new integration, and this time is for @ActiveRevenue !!!! STEP 1 — Adding Active Revenue as Traffic Source Go to Traffic Source Tab and select >New traffic Source; From the Menu on your right side select the option >...
  9. Landingtrack

    Guide The Ultimate Guide to Clickloss

    Really good explication here @Nick and as you mentioned, there are tons of factors. Perhaps building a "blacklist" of sites will help to identify those with a "higher click loss"? just an idea. @fafang66 , it depends also on the type of campaign (ad format your run), some trackers might track...
  10. Landingtrack

    Monetizer Smartlink Rejected by Zeropark Due to Malware

    hello @caleb I understand from this case, it is more on the domain than the offer, by changing (buying a new domain) you should be fine to run it again. You can always check your domain status here: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home ; If after changing the problem happens again then.. only...
  11. Landingtrack

    Official LandingTrack - Auto-Optimization + Tracking system

    But First........... We need to tell to everyone that: Yes¡¡ @Zeropark is now fully integrated with LandingTrack so you can start tracking an auto-optimizing all your campaigns. STEP 1 — Adding Zeropark as Traffic Source Go to Traffic Source and select >Connect new Source; then select the...
  12. Landingtrack

    Follow Along PropellerAds Push US + LandingTrack + Chat LP

    Thank you @Luke , definitely, it is something we should cover as soon as we can so everyone will be aware if they have connected properly any of our integrations. All the best with the case and we will be following you! ps: Another tip for optimization > Besides duplicating a path, you can...
  13. Landingtrack

    Official LandingTrack - Auto-Optimization + Tracking system

    And not only that, we will publish a post soon to explain all the possibilities :)
  14. Landingtrack

    Official LandingTrack - Auto-Optimization + Tracking system

    Thank you @Luke , @Duke72 , LP CTR and some other rules will be available by the end of next week.
  15. Landingtrack

    Official LandingTrack - Auto-Optimization + Tracking system

    We will ping them to see if they can join Afflift :)