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    How to add a Back Button Redirector To My HTML Landing Page
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    Follow Along Mastering Monetizer Smartlinks (WW & Targeted Links)

    You can create your smartlink here:
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    Best offers and strategy for newbie?

    Welcome to the forum and this case study is a good read especially if you're planning to use Monetizer + push traffic.
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    My test is popads + aliexpress offer

    Be careful my friend, the Aliexpress offers on Mylead don't allow pop-up traffic.
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    Do you find your traffic source AMs annoying?

    Only for the AMs from the affilite network side that keep pushing for more traffic:p With that being said, I'd rather have one that's "annoying" (responsive) than one that takes 3 days to attend to my query. Sometimes they can be pretty helpful;), plus you can always ignore their messages if you...
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    Case Study Pop-Ups vs. Pop-Unders - Are they different?

    If it's "download" offer/lander, I would prefer using pop-up. ;) Would you agree?
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    Dating Smartlinks?

    What a coincidence! I just received this email from Affmy a couple of hours ago. There are only 23 offers available on their platform and it seems like they only focusing on the dating vertical. Disclosure: I do not work with them nor do I promote any dating offer, so not sure how their...
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    Expose a perfectly hidden scam affiliate network (from internal employees who have left this network)

    Why not blur out the former AM's name? I'm sure she didn't expect her conversation will be shared online.
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    Create a CHATBOT for free

    Thanks for sharing🚀🚀
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    Advice on this campaign, should I stop it?

    Must be something to do with your settings. That's probably due to clickloss, and/or because of the different timezones use in the report between Bemob and Propellerads. Propellerads uses EST.
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    Guide Free hosting on google drive

    Thank you for sharing(y)
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    👋 Nominations for Peak Awards 2021

    @Luke, Kivate is not on the list;).
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    Brainstorming about Captcha offers and the target

    Hi @Isedo , I can only assume that you have been working with some high paying or niche specific offers, and mostly advertising on traffic sources like Google and FB in the past? I used to do that kind of affliate marketing before (pick a niche>> find your audience>>build a relatioship with...
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    Interview with a Pro Affiliate: DEADZ

    Awesome interview, also I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to @DEADZ because I barely made any profit from my campaigns when I first started until I implemented the strategies listed in this case study/guide...