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Recent content by Kintura

  1. Kintura

    Clash of Trackers

    It's like complaining that there's too long of a line to get into the best restaurant in town but as usual thanks for the exposure love you guys 😂
  2. Kintura

    Kintura Markers Problem

    https://kintura.com/docs/marks Did you read this?
  3. Kintura

    device_vendor token is not working in Kintura

    Yo! We just updated our user agent parser but this tests positive now: Device: OnePlus Model: A6000 On your second question if you're just passing it through to your lander just make sure your lander can tolerate missing data -- so that if there's no value it doesn't break anything. I would...
  4. Kintura

    How Tracking Works: Some Tips

    (Place holder for "Offer URLs and Postbacks")
  5. Kintura

    How Tracking Works: Some Tips

    (work in progress...fixing attachments) 2) The Anatomy of a TRAFFIC SOURCE URL CURVE BALL #1 This is the URL you give a traffic source like PropellerAds or Clickadilla when you create a campaign. Notice that our URL is going to be a little different looking. This is because these traffic...
  6. Kintura

    How Tracking Works: Some Tips

    We see this across all levels of experience so don't feel bad if you didn't know this. I've personally talked to a half dozen 6 figure media buyers who still haven't figured this out so if you don't know please don't feel bad. There are a few things you absolutely need to know: 1) The...
  7. Kintura

    device_vendor token is not working in Kintura

    No that does not mean it's a bot at all. What was the user agent? Sometimes device vendor cannot be determined by user agent which will show up as "unknown" etc.
  8. Kintura

    Follow Along My first campaign after finishing Luke's epic Pops Guide - The Beginners Guide

    When did this conversion occur? We had a complete global system outage last night at around 8pm pacific time due to an exploit that affected many thousands of servers across over thousands of data centers worldwide. It was patched and fixed within 45 minutes but it was a very severe outage...
  9. Kintura

    device_vendor token is not working in Kintura

    This is parsed for you by our system based on the User Agent header value. Unknown means it was not recognized. What does this say can you paste it? https://www.google.com/search?q=what+is+my+user+agent
  10. Kintura

    Tracking for offer owners

    Everflow is the one we get asked about the most by far.
  11. Kintura

    #Adconf: How To Stay In The Game (Speakers: Emanuel Cinca, Voluum and Adcash)

    Registered. Very excited about this (y)
  12. Kintura

    Guide 🔥 Kintura MEGA Setup Guide 🔥

    I know it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING 🙏
  13. Kintura

    Guide 🔥 Kintura MEGA Setup Guide 🔥

    We're making our own test and publishing the code on Github so it can be easily deployed. We'll show you "honest" lol
  14. Kintura

    Guide 🔥 Kintura MEGA Setup Guide 🔥

    The reason Kintura redirects are the fastest of all cloud trackers is primarily that we don't require painfully slow CNAME lookups on our custom domains. If you are using a cloud tracker with a CNAME you're a sucker; sorry. CNAME lookups in tier 3 geos can take 5 seconds alone. Many cloud...
  15. Kintura

    Why we made Kintura FREE

    @kent thanks! Amazon SES we haven't tried yet and I'm not sure why because we use them for everything else. I will look into it! -- Aaron