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Recent content by HAkorehdeh

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    Official Earnify welcomes Push Notifications

    I want the coupon too if it's still available
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    [Ask Me Anything] IG Automation + Monetization - DEADZ

    Damn! What a great thread. I understand for 'followers niche', one could just put some photos related to IG followers or so in the slave account. What kind of post does one make in the adult niche slave account? Say one is promoting a smartlink in the mother account for instance, is it gonna...
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    Complete List of Push Notification Traffic Sources

    I heard there's some coupon for megapush. I'd be glad to have it too!
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    December PropellerAds Follow Along Contest with $1,000 in Prizes

    But I'm also running propellerads with adcombo. Spent 159 earned about 150 and that's because I'm still testing, adding more offers to test. I bet it'd have been profit if I stayed with the two good offers doing well for me alone.
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    Follow Along DatsPush Follow Along - FBS Indonesia

    Thanks! I've already loaded and started using propellerads and admaven(probably not on your list)
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    Follow Along DatsPush Follow Along - FBS Indonesia

    What's their Skype? I couldn't find that too. I sent them an email last 24hrs. No reply till now!
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    Follow Along DatsPush Follow Along - FBS Indonesia

    Datspush only takes WebMoney for funding no paypay... Pathetic!
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    The best PPV companies?

    Well, Tonic has refused to approve my Ads since last week too. I have 100 dols with them at present.
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    Follow Along Journey To $100/Day with PPV Traffic source.

    Hi, congrats on your journey. But do you have any offer without a prelander performing well for you?