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Recent content by Duke72

  1. Duke72

    Top 3 Traffic Sources of 2019

    Mine was: Propel Media RTX Propeller Ads
  2. Duke72

    Black Friday 2019 Deals!

    2nd lifetime claimed :D
  3. Duke72

    Guide MEGA Thread of Useful Landing Page Scripts

    I think the problem is chrome pop up blocker being on by default. So user has to have disabled it for this to work. Maybe there is a workaround. How about delaying either link opening by 1 second?
  4. Duke72

    Guide MEGA Thread of Useful Landing Page Scripts

    Nice script, but nowadays Chrome blocks all target="_blank" new tab/window openings so this won't work on Chrome.
  5. Duke72

    My Experience at Affiliate Summit East 2019 (Should you go?)

    I agree totally. I have been visiting ASE every year since 2014. +NYC is great city to visit.
  6. Duke72

    Who is going to Affiliate Summit East? #ASE19

    I'm at ASE19. Yesterday even got new referral in to Afflift :cool:
  7. Duke72

    Flirtymania — make your adult traffic work for you!

    Looks interesting, but do you have postback or subid tracking available?
  8. Duke72

    Kintura filtered route problem

    Another feature request @Kintura I need filtered routes for target id(s). What are the lists, that are under traffic sources, used for? Come on, these are basic stuff in Bemob that are missing in Kintura. ;)
  9. Duke72

    Kintura filtered route problem

    New feature request @Kintura Possibility to manually add conversion per cid. If I only want to add one conversion then there is no need for first to create an import file for it.
  10. Duke72

    Kintura filtered route problem

    Decided to do routing the other way around. So using campaing only for certain geo. Split testing using default routes between direct linking and using landers. Then using filtered route to run all other geos to different landers.
  11. Duke72

    Kintura filtered route problem

    Yes that way it is easy, but then I can't do geo routing at all. Looks like that feature is missing totally from Kintura.
  12. Duke72

    Kintura filtered route problem

    With Kintura I can't seem to be able to split test between direct linking to offer and through landing pages to the same offer. I need to use the filtered routes for geo setup, but with filtered routes there is no percentage bar to adjust how much for direct and how much for landing pages...
  13. Duke72

    Official LosPollos - Global Smart Link Affiliate Program | Weekly Payments | 24/7 Support

    You should create a mainstream link without landers containing trademarks like Amazon, Google etc. Traffic networks are starting to not approve your mainstream link.
  14. Duke72

    Getting Accepted To ASE

    Yeah, @Luke could arrange a Afflift meetup there ;)
  15. Duke72

    Getting Accepted To ASE

    I'm guessing that he wants the free affiliate pass.