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  1. AffiliateWorld

    Comment by 'AffiliateWorld' in article 'What Is Affiliate World and Should You Attend It?'

    Thanks @Luke - appreciate the support. As always, anyone with any questions let me know and I'll be happy to answer!
  2. AffiliateWorld

    Affiliate World Europe Ticket For Relatively Cheaper.

    Thanks @Luke - and yes @royalblue7 you are correct, if someone purchases from you we will transfer it over to them.
  3. AffiliateWorld

    The $30M Intersection of Art & Numbers through FB Ad Buying [Affiliate World Europe 19]

    Yahav was one of our breakout speakers for Affiliate World Europe. I met him at a mastermind in Phuket after AWA18. We got to talking, and he started telling me about his ARR Method he uses that breaks down acquisition, retargeting and retention so perfectly, a way that can be applied to...
  4. AffiliateWorld

    Zero to 7-Figures with Push Traffic – My Biggest Profit Producing Insights [AWEurope 2019]

    Haha @manu ! Keep your eyes on the prize. And yes, you're right on that @kjrocker - thanks for MCing!
  5. AffiliateWorld

    Zero to 7-Figures with Push Traffic – My Biggest Profit Producing Insights [AWEurope 2019]

    Hey everyone - my name is Chad Wilton from Affiliate World. First post, thought I would provide everyone an overview of one of our presentations in Barcelona at Affiliate World Europe. I'll get right to it... Push Ads. Push Ads. Push Ads. They have been the talk of the industry for a while...
  6. AffiliateWorld

    Affiliate World Conferences - AWeurope 2019 (28 videos)

    Hey everyone - and thanks for sharing @dood - hope everyone enjoys. Will see if we can do a couple breakdowns for some of our more popular ones. If anyone ever has any questions, feel free to ping me. Cooking up lots of exciting new surprises for Bangkok, but will try to be active in here too...