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Recent content by Abas

  1. Abas

    2021 Kick-off Link Directory Contest - $500 in Prizes

    This is the first time I left review for GoldenGoose affiliate network
  2. Abas

    What is a smartlink and what does it do ?

    This is their way of saying no welcome newbies:cautious:, time to withdraw my balance
  3. Abas

    Finally, a good month to end 2020. $1k profit.

    Congrats bro for making profit, did you direct link offers or use landing page with pop? what vertical were you promoting? What was your budget for testing each offers? Thanks
  4. Abas

    Follow Along Zeropark Chocolate

    @Luke normally you say this to me "at least you learnt something from this mistake" well right back at you
  5. Abas

    Official Vimmy - Ad Network. Push Traffic That Converts.

    is IP targeting works with all ads format?
  6. Abas

    Hello thread #__? :-)

    Welcome to Afflift bro, don't know where you want to start but I am doing sweepstakes, good luck
  7. Abas

    Help setting up Golden Goose + Bemob tracking

    Ok you were right as soon as i made the change i can see conversion now, @Luke You are also right Hope this post will help other newbies, thank you
  8. Abas

    Help setting up Golden Goose + Bemob tracking

    I am not sure if this is done right because had 2 conversion but not showing in Bemob, please help me correct this Thank you Kind regards Abas
  9. Abas

    Helpful Tips for running push traffic

    hi mate, Propellerads: 1.what ad pricing model have used on pops? 2. did you direct link or use landing page on pops? thanks
  10. Abas

    Follow Along First FA: Propeller CPA Goal + direct-link Mobidea offer from "Opportunities"

    @Jarvannis I think you should test more on smart CPM, gather more data then optimize, normal I use CPA goal to test if offer converts as I am new to affiliate marketing and don't know how CPA goal works
  11. Abas

    Follow Along First FA: Propeller CPA Goal + direct-link Mobidea offer from "Opportunities"

    I will like to know this too, is it possible to drill down on this red zone and fish out the green browser version, OS version and device model? anyway good luck with your campaign
  12. Abas

    Official GOLDEN GOOSE - join the leaders of mVAS market

    Before applying is your company accept new starter in AM?
  13. Abas

    Guide "Best Of" affLIFT - MEGA Thread

    This is big Nick, let me get my pop corn ready