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ZoogVPN Affiliate Program
In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, where online security and unrestricted access have become paramount, ZoogVPN emerges as a standout VPN provider. Based in Greece, away from the prying eyes of the 14 Eyes Alliance, ZoogVPN offers a comprehensive solution to internet users worldwide. With a network spanning over 70 global locations and boasting more than 1000 IP addresses, it ensures seamless access to geo-blocked content and robust online protection.

ZoogVPN's unique features, including the innovative ZoogShadowing, bank-grade encryption, and a strict zero-logging policy, cater to both casual internet users and those in heavily censored regions. This introduction delves into the world of ZoogVPN, highlighting its key features, pricing plans, and the advantageous affiliate program that offers an attractive avenue for promoters in this high-demand market.

What is ZoogVPN?​

ZoogVPN, with its home office nestled in Greece, operates an expansive network offering more than 1000 IP addresses. This vast array of IPs provides coverage across over 70 global locations. This powerful service ensures users enjoy unrestricted access to geo-blocked content and robust online protection, no matter where they are in the world.

Plus, with its headquarters not being located within the 14 Eyes Alliance means none of the users' information and access data will be stored and shared with governments.


ZoogVPN Best Features​

  1. ZoogShadowing - This feature is a unique tool designed to allow VPN usage in regions with heavy internet censorship. It cleverly disguises VPN traffic by removing identifiable markers and protocols, making it appear as regular HTTPS traffic. This innovative feature enables users to bypass stringent firewalls and restrictions set by ISPs, prevalent in countries like China, Qatar, and Russia.
  2. Bank-Grade Encryption - ZoogVPN employs robust encryption methods, namely AES-128 and AES-256, across its servers to ensure secure VPN services.
  3. Kill Switch - This feature prevents data leakage in case of sudden VPN connection drops, ensuring user privacy and security at all times.
  4. Zero-Logging Policy - ZoogVPN proudly declares its zero-logging policy for users concerned about their digital privacy. They uphold this commitment by collecting no personal data from users while also refraining from tracking or storing online activities.

ZoogVPN Pricing​

With ZoogVPN, the cost of each subscription plan decreases with the length of the commitment.

For those opting for a month-to-month plan, the cost is $9.99 per month. This rate significantly drops when one commits to a yearly plan, with the monthly cost averaging out to a mere $2.99.

The best value, however, is found in the 2-year subscription, which reduces the monthly cost to an incredibly affordable $1.99.

ZoogVPN also keeps inclusivity in mind, offering a free account. While it only provides VPN connections to five different countries, it ensures that those on a tight budget can still benefit from its basic VPN services.


ZoogVPN Affiliate Program Details​

If it feels like ZoogVPN is something you can promote, then let's explore its affiliate program.

High Commission Rates​

ZoogVPN offers an impressive commission structure for its affiliates, with potential earnings reaching up to 80% from new sales. Plus, you'll get a 30% revenue share for renewals.

Long Cookie Duration​

The company uses a 60-day cookie duration for its affiliate program. If a potential customer clicks on your affiliate link but doesn't make a purchase right away, you'll still get credit for the sale if they return and buy within 60 days.

Payment Info​

ZoogVPN has set a reasonable payout threshold at just $50. It's important to keep in mind that the hold period is 30 days.

And there's a wide variety of payout methods, including PayPal, Wire transfer, Credit cards, WebMoney, Qiwi, Mint, BTC, ETH, LTC, DAI, USDC, and BCH.

And if the preferred method isn't listed, ZoogVPN encourages affiliates to discuss other options with their account manager.

If you'd like to connect with ZoogVPN, follow and comment on their official thread here.

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