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Monetizing mobile traffic is an entirely different beast and must be approached with precision. If your traffic comes mostly from mobile devices and you want to earn the most out of them, better find a network that not only provides mobile offers but actually focuses on them. One such network is YepAds.

YepAds is a global affiliate network whose headquarters is located in the Netherlands but has offices in Guanzhou, Toronto, and Amsterdam. This kind of presence helps them provide immediate assistance to affiliates whatever time of the day. They are known for being highly supportive of their publishers, leading these affiliates to continue driving high-quality traffic.


YepAds - Mobile Affiliate Network

Worldwide Network
Whether your traffic comes from Latin America, North America, Asia and the Pacific, and Europe, YepAds have offers for you.

Various Payment Models And Verticals Available
While some networks can offer only app installs and mobile opt-ins, YepAds provides more conversion models and an even wider range of verticals for your traffic.

The payment models currently available are CPI, credit card trials, CPL, CPA, and even CPC. Offer categories include skincare, Nutra, CBD, eCommerce, gaming, casino, VPN, insurance, and finance. They also provide some desktop offers so that you don’t have to search elsewhere.

In-house tracking system and 3rd party traffic distribution system
YepAds uses a traffic distribution system that effectively and quickly routes traffic to offers so that no viewers will drop off. This third party technology has been integrated seamlessly into their platform, allowing them to show their top converting offers instantly. It ensures the highest level of profitability and return of investment for media buying publishers.

This technology is linked to their in-house tracking system that allows affiliates to effectively track their conversions and see which offer is working best.


In-depth Publisher Assistance
The success of a publisher is the success of the network, which is why YepAds doesn’t skimp on providing assistance to their publishers, a.k.a. affiliates. Aside from letting affiliates know which types of offers perform well for their kind traffic based on traffic type and geolocation, they also provide a detailed strategy guide.

This network has profound knowledge on mobile markets, and they don’t keep their information close to their chest. They are very open to sharing information they have with affiliates they work with.

Recently, they have launched their YepAds episodes, which are a series of video clips that provides insights, strategies, and guides on affiliate marketing for everyone.

The more you earn, the more you’ll get rewarded. Not just via offer payouts but also through rewards in the form of gadgets, accessories, and even travel packages.

You can also get rewarded for referring other affiliates to the platform, to the tune of 3% of affiliate commissions.

YepAds Payout Options

This network releases payouts in monthly and weekly frequencies, for minimum earnings of $100. It can be sent directly to your bank account via wire transfer, or you can choose to have it released via PayPal or check.

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Solid network with great managers. they have offers in almost every big niche for different ad formats. Willing to help you with better payouts and get offers from other networks.

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