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Working with an affiliate network that provides evergreen offers can prove to be significantly advantageous in the long run. Evergreen offers refer to products or services that see consistent demand, irrespective of trends or seasonality.

With an evergreen affiliate network, affiliates can tap into a market with enduring relevance, maximizing their potential for continuous, stable earnings.

One such network that provides such offers is Yellena. It is an affiliate project under RichAds, a well-known advertising network.

Yellana Features​

One of Yellana's standout features is its focus on in-house and exclusive offers. These are direct offers that advertisers place to attract new customers. This emphasis on exclusivity allows affiliates to promote unique products and services, setting them apart from competitors.

At the moment, there are more than 300 such offers within Yellana. These fall under the following verticals:
  • Gambling and Betting
  • Software and App Installs (browser extensions, cleaners, VPN, etc.)
  • Finance
  • Sweepstakes
  • Pin Submits
Its Gambling offers pay up to $450, with some offers not requiring any hold at all! And if you can't find the offer that's right for your traffic, you can always turn to its Smartlinks.


Full Marketing Assitance​

What sets Yellana apart from other well-established affiliate networks is the care and assistance it provides its affiliates.

One of the main ways Yellana supports its affiliates is by providing creatives upon request at no cost. These can include banner ads, text links, and other types of media.

In addition to the free creatives, Yellana also allows affiliates to negotiate with their manager to get pre-landing pages. This helps advertisers improve their chances of conversion.

Lastly, Yellana goes the extra mile by offering additional integrations at the request of the affiliates. If an affiliate needs certain tools or features integrated to better manage their campaigns, Yellana is ready to accommodate these needs for those providing high-quality traffic.

All Traffic Sources Accepted​

Yellana is highly inclusive when it comes to accepting traffic from various sources. It is open to virtually all types of traffic — pops, display, native, push, social media, search, and more.

The primary focus of the network is on Asia and Latin America geographic locations, but it recognizes the potential in all geographic locations and hence accepts traffic from all over the world.

Yellana Payout Options​

The network offers a range of payout options designed to provide its affiliates with flexibility and convenience. The minimum amount that you can withdraw from your account is set at $100.

For new affiliates joining the network, there's a 14-day hold period for the first payment. Once the hold period is over, affiliates can choose from several methods for withdrawing their funds. These include Wire transfer, Capitalist, and Payoneer. After the first payment, affiliates can withdraw their money weekly.

If these details make you want to try Yellana out, why not visit their official thread first? The network is active in the forum and is ready to provide information and assistance to interested affiliates.

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