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Affiliates often search for something different in order to take a break from the usual intense competition between marketers. By finding new and unique products and services to promote, you can set yourself apart from the rest.

Not only will it give your customers something special that they won’t get elsewhere, but it will allow for exciting marketing opportunities. Worthpoint is one such unique offering that you might want to look into.

What is WorthPoint?​

When it comes to understanding the world of antiques, collectibles, and luxury items, WorthPoint is a must-have tool. Whether you're an experienced collector or taking your first foray into acquiring memorabilia, WorthPoint puts unmatched research capabilities at your fingertips.

With its extensive digital library going back 15 years or more, plus its access to photographs, marks, logos, and similar eBay sales data, WorthPoint gives you the confidence to make well-informed buying and selling decisions in the ever-changing marketplace. Not to mention the fact that it helps you determine accurate valuations so that you can confidently proceed with every transaction.

So if you're in search of unbiased pricing and product details not available anywhere else, then WorthPoint is the ultimate one-stop shop.

WorthPoint Affiliate/Reseller Program​

If you'd like to give this unique service a shot, here are the details of WorthPoint's affiliate program.

Revenue Sharing​

For every new subscriber that joins through your referral link, you'll receive 10% commissions for as long as they keep the subscription active. This means if the user renews their subscription, you will be paid a 10% referral fee again!

WorthPoint has three available pricing plans, which are as follows:
  • Price Guide Premium - $26.99 per month or $249.99 per year
  • Marks & Library - $25.99 per month or $256.99 per year
  • All Access - $42.99 per month or $439.99 per year

Promotional Assistance​

Imagine having the resources to start your own side gig faster and easier than ever; that's what you get when you join WorthPoint's affiliate program. You'll have access to ready-made banners and materials for marketing, which can easily be copied and pasted anywhere you want.

Being part of this program doesn't end there — you'll get great online support from other affiliates, invitations to exclusive Facebook groups, and the chance to co-host webinars with experienced professionals. Plus, the WorthPoint team is always on hand to give your posts some extra exposure with their impressive 50 thousand+ subscribers and counting.

Well-Known Tracking Platform​

WorthPoint's reseller/affiliate program is powered by Tapfilliate, which gives you all of the tools necessary to promote the offer successfully. Tapfilliate has a great reputation as an easy-to-use platform, with a highly intuitive interface designed for tracking leads and conversions conveniently.

Simple Payout Plan​

With payouts every month, you can be sure to get a steady stream of income if you get enough people to subscribe. All you have to do is receive at least $25.00 in commissions, and WorthPoint will process any payouts due to you on the first seven days of the month.

Any commissions that did not reach the minimum payout amount will be rolled over to the next month until it's ready for withdrawal. Payments are sent via PayPal.

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